Dampening off / Need a soil change?

Hi, I for the first time had a dampening off on a new seedling, I have always watered my 10 gallon pots thoroughly, wait 48 hours and plant directly in final pot after shot glass and paper towel. The only difference this time was I turned the light to lowest setting and the soil may have been to cool. My question is do I need to discard the soil that the dampening occurred in, or oj to plant the next seed in the same pot?


Plant in the same pot with the next Seed. Honestly the difference was probably that with the light turned down lower, the moisture didn’t evaporate at the same rate and the soil was wetter than in the past.

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Just dig out a few inches each way from where the seedling was. Root rot is a fungus.

Too much water for seedlings. Cannabis plants at every stage need wet/dry cycles. A seedling only needs a couple ml of water each day.

The best method for seeing that a seedling has what it needs without risking root rot is to instead use a dome and to not water the soil at all. Use a clear Solo cup or a cut pop bottle and spray inside of the dome a couple of times each day. The plant can get all of the water it needs via the leaves from the humidity in the dome. Start watering a few ml a day when the plant outgrows the dome.


Put a fan on your (fabric?) pot and dry out a bit before introducing another sprout. Like above I’d also suggest hollowing out an area and plant seed into something like straight coco that is just damp.


Ty both, I was thinking that but didn’t want this headache over and over again

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Yes, it is a fabric pot. Thank you[


That “feels” right. Mine always struggle if it’s cool.