Cutting, drying, curing

First grow. This is an Amnesia Haze AF currently on day 55. A ways to go yet but anxious anticipation is increasing! I have been reading up on cutting drying, and curing. Most information on this forum (which I appreciate and will likely follow over other information on the web) suggests a cure time of about two weeks or so. Other web information has cure time at about 2-3 months; such information was from “medical marijuana” grow sources that connected cure time to quality of a smoother smoke, terpene development, and moisture/humidity levels. Most procedures are pretty much the same just time difference in curing. Any actual or significant difference between auto flower weed and the photos which the other journals seemed to be commenting about?

I don’t want to create a “harsh” smoke because I’ll be giving this stuff away and I don’t want a “Gee, now I see why you’re giving this stuff away!” type response…lol!

Merry Christmas to certain of my friends…TBH, I might try it myself but I don’t (really) smoke anymore. It’s just been an exciting adventure to grow it.


Hi @dcdkk437 2 weeks is a minimum to cure but the longer you cure the better it gets probably up to about 6 months anyways. I don’t smoke anymore either and I just grow for fun, my ol lady and kids think I do it for them but I think I enjoy it as much if not more than they do. Here’s a link to one of the most complete explanations of every step from when to harvest to curing that I’ve seen in one place and I recommend that you and everyone else no matter your level of experience to check it out… again congratulations on gettin to this point and good luck to the end. :evergreen_tree::yum:


Thank you…sadly…don’t have enough cure time!

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Nice looking plants, I like to shoot for 8 to 10 days slow drying. At 65 to 70 degrees. An 48 to 50 rh also with a little air flow not blowing directly on the product. After Final Trim jar up.


Simple format would be…

  1. Cut–> dry–> trim. About 1 1/2 to 3 weeks for the drying process. It is best to keep your drying material in complete darkness. This is not an area you want to rush.

  2. Locate your favorite smoking device and light up a fatty. You deserve it!!! Go ahead and smoke another :wink:

  3. Put into air tight containers–> burp container multiple times per day. Do this for a few weeks while also monitoring moisture content. Once you have reached the consistency you are after, and it wont mold, it’s ok to seal the container. Now the real curing can begin.
    Happy growing…