Curling in leaves problem?

I have 2 strawberry kush strains I purchased through ILGM and previously had problems with my grow medium. I changed my soil and nursed them back to a healthy state. I gave them their first feeding with dyn-gro foliage 4-5 days ago and yesterday watered them with tap water I let sit in a jug for a couple of days. I just ordered a PH scale so I’m not sure what PH the water is or the soil. I started to notice curling in the leaves of one of my plants and couldn’t figure out if it was nitrogen toxicity from that first feeding or if it was heat stress. My temp in my grow room stays around 73 degrees during the day and I leave a fan on all night and it stays around 79 degrees all night with the humidity level between 30-37%. I was wanting to know if there was a problem with my little lady and what should be done to fix the problem.


The pH could be a factor, but that plant is still very small and the dyna gro might be a little strong and too soon yet for this plant.

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I forgot to mention I used 1/2 of the recommended on the bottle figuring it was going to burn them if I did give them the full dose that was recommended. Just trying to transition them on to feedings with nutrients. The plant is on day 28. Like I said in the earlier post I had a problem with the soil which I think stunted their growth, but if ph could be a problem hopefully I can take care of that in a few days when ever my scale comes in the mail. But thanks for the input would you recommend to keep feeding them water for the next couple of weeks? How would you know when it is ready to give them nutrients? I’ve researched that when they grow their 5th set of leaves it was time but I’m not to sure.


Yeah, water only, the nutrients build up in the soil as well. Watch the plant and it will show you when it needs to start getting food, the leaves will become lighter in their green coloring when they need food.


Okay thanks for the help I’ll keep a lookout for those signs.