Curing Time by Strain

I have noticed a distinct lack of information concerning the amount of time required for curing (by strain). Last year I noticed a huge difference of time required for “SunDrop” (a hybrid of Slymer and Chemical Haze). In this case, after 4 days of hang drying, product was trimmed and put into mason jars. 1st week, burped for 15 minutes a day. 2nd week, every other day for 10 minutes. 3rd and 4th week, twice a week for 10 minutes. After that once a week for 15 minutes. IT TOOK 4 FREAKING MONTHS to get the original yummy goodness flavor. Previous cures (other strains) took roughly 6-8 weeks.

So - is it worthwhile to record curing time for the masses? This year I’ve got GG#4, Demon OG and Zkittlez Auto going. I have not grown these strains before. Perhaps the esteemed membership here can provide some cure time enlightenment?

BTW, SunDrop was an awesome strain (except cure time). With the plants clipped not to exceed 3 feet tall, side branch tops averaged 2.5"-3" in length, 2.5 grams average after drying and processing. Not bad for outdoor in Michigan.

Strain type has very little to do with curing time and that is probably why you can’t find anything.

I shoot for 7 to 10 days at ~70F and 60% RH regardless of what strain I am drying. 62% RH and a reasonable temp for curing.


So what is the biggest factor? Humidity and temp have been constant (for me) over the seasons. Could it be the amount of time allowed for the flower stage?

When it comes to most factors (watering, light, humidity, temperature, feeding,) strain is almost irrelevant. Cannabis is cannabis.

The most important factors for drying and curing is airflow, temp, and humidity. Most other things are negligible.

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Guess I’m looking for the X factor. SunDrop took twice the time to cure (for flavor) than the other strains that grew and cured literally right next to it. At 2 months, it still had a green-ish taste with a hint of flavor. At 4 months cure, all flavor, no green. Could bud density be a factor? These buds were rock dense like I’ve never seen before.

Marking airflow on my updated checklist…

Yes, more dense buds won’t dry as fast. I presume they won’t cure as quickly either.

There are just too many variables in this to make any concrete statements.
Factors in the plant like density of the foliage, water content at the time of harvest, thickness of the stems which are also holding water are some.
Environment of the drying space as well…
Temperature itself, Is it constant or does it go up and down, How much?
Humidity, same problems as temp. Is it high or low and does it change?
Air flow…Is it dead air or does it move and then how much?

Curing changes the final product in smell and effects as well. But people differ and some like their weed with an edginess that comes from fresher weed and some like me want it cured longer to mellow out. I don’t like it at all till it gets older than 3 months in the jar and 6 months is even better.
So take all this together and it becomes totally subjective to state that the White Widow strain will need to be dried exactly 7 days and then cured for 7 weeks to be at its peak.


Surely you mean ounces or pounds, 2.5 grams not worth the effort.

100 days work for 2 days smoke not going to happen.

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Each bud averaged 2.5 grams dry (2.5-3 inches long).

Thanks for the input.

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