Cureing large amounts

What are you useing to cure large amounts of buds? I filled one QT jar from one small branch. There are three 6’+ plants to cure. Lowes buckets? Jars are not practical

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I used large tupperware containers to slow dry and start the cure, then transfer to mason jars after they stabilized at 62RH, then just burped the jars for gas exchange for a couple weeks.

These tupperware bowls can hold about a half pound or more.


I’ve read about 5 gallon buckets being used. Can also buy large cvaults. That’s what I would do. I have 1 already that fits 4 oz.

C-vault is a great product we need to spread the word about on this site. They’re great for curing and storing. For flower or they make different kinds made of different materials for oils and stuff too. And they have a slot in the top for boost packs (I prefer integra over boveda)

10 days dry then in these for about 2 weeks.

EZ to open, fan with top to get total air exchange. Then into 66 ounce mason jars burped every week for 2 months.


Smelled the boost/boveda pack and i could smell chlorophyll. “I would” Make sure its cured before you use them.

I use integra. And if your smelling chlorophyll, then it wasnt dried proper. When drying, you dry in the dark so the plant breaks all that down. So there shouldn’t be any chlorophyll by the time your curing…

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By the time your curing most chlorophyll should be gone by the time your starting your cure. Plus you should be burping as well. If your smelling chlorophyll from your boost packs it doesn’t sound ready for a cure to me. Did you dry in 100% dark?

Yeah I’ve been thinking about getting some of the large c-vaults (1/2 lb model) to replace the tupperware so I can give those back to the wife. They are a little pricey though.

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Worth it. You’ll be glad if you get them. I think they come with a boveda pack when you get them as well.

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I’ve seen where 5 gallon buckets have been used.


@Willd is a big user of buckets. At least in past years. That would be my go to. We even used Homers in the distillery to store ‘experiments’. Holds high proof spirits just fine so they definitely don’t leak.


Who’s Homer?

Home Depot buckets. @skipper1 it’s like a reference to “Charlie” when at war… :crazy_face:


Do you bury the hygrometer or leave it on top? Of the weed.

And what is the paper material you have the flowers on?

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OK diffrent part of the country. I get it . Thanks.

Looks sorta like a c-vault. Just different brand basically.

I leave the hygrometer at the top, the paper is non-stick parchment paper so the buds don’t stick to the plastic bowl. I also stir the buds daily during gas exchange so it doesn’t turn into one big sticky mess of bud.


I use the buckets. 5 gals with a rubber seal on the lid. Cheap and easy. Works well for this closet gardener. I grow 6 strains and have to keep them separated of course but need a container large enough for multiple plants at once. Burp them regularly.