Cure Jars to take the guess work out? Overkill? Yup

So obviously I have more time on my hands this weekend then I should.

I decided to make up some Cure Jars. WIde mouth Ball jars with a small RH meter installed. Took about 20 minutes with a Dremel tool with a cutting disc. Super easy and really pretty cheap. When RH gets stable around 60% I’m going to chuck in a Boveda pack and replace the RH lid with a regular one for storage.
I am skilled in the art of “over kill.”


Invent something like that for a c-vault lid and you got a business


I like… :thinking::grin:



You’re thinking too small, stick that bad boy on a gallon jar!


Yup! You can see an inkbird through the glass of a jar, but not through the C-vault!

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I have a plastic airtight black humidor that might just be calling for an upgrade :wink: Or a pelican case for that matter, of any size. This definitely has potential.

Thinking about it though, I think the inkbird sensors are on the side. What brand is yours?

They are from Amazon.

I have two sets of 5 and most of them within 1 or 2 % of each other. The Inkbirds I have are better, but not mountable.

The Pelican case is a pretty good idea too @Whodat66 . There are cheaper knock offs to the Pelican that you can find elsewhere called “Apache” and seem to be pretty good. (Use one for portable Vape and accessories). :slight_smile:


Nice work! How about a 5 gallon bucket. Just put in the lid. I would worry about the seal around the hygrometer…but that’s just me overthinking stuff like always.

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I put a bead of caulk around the hygrometer @DaGoose in the backside making sure to not cover the vents on the back. :smile:


Sweet!! I’m dealing with this issue now. Luckily my RH/Temp thing fit in my widemouth jars lol. Love your idea!

On my amazon list. I won’t need them for a few months, but now I won’t forget.

I mentioned a Pelican case, (air-tight, easier to close), but I got to thinking about moldy corners (or a 5 gal bucket bottom) so it would need a rack (or racks) for airflow.

For the 5 gallon bucket you can cut the outer rim off the lid so it is just the rubber seal touching. Set a rock on top for a good seal.

I think the easiest way to rock this out is to find your favorite stackable drying racks, THEN find (or make) a container to fit them. A rubber-maid tub thing might be easiest (except for the seal) to fit a decent crop in laying on separate racks instead of jammed in mason jars or a c-vault.

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Let the spit-balling continue, we can start a business when we figger it out :slight_smile:

Thats a great idea
I just toss mine in the jar


I’m a novice, so please explain to me why jarring your dried buds is better than freezing. I’m about to harvest my second plant ever. My first one didn’t yield a lot, but I wrapped small amounts of the dried bud in paper towel, then put the little batches in a ziplock and got as much air out as I could, then froze in a bigger black plastic bag. It kept very well. This time, I’m not sure whether to do the same or try jarring it. Is there a reason that jarring is better?

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My understanding is the THC will deteriorate in the freezer. The only way to store long term is to press rosin or make kief and edibles etc. Putting in jars will keep everything fresh until the next harvest. I just go through my old stock and shake kief then make butter.


I guess my next question is how to jar it if I don’t have a sealer. I have jars and lids - I can vegetables. Do you have to have a dehumidifying substance in the jar, or do you just through it in there, close it up, keep it in a dark cool place? I saw that some people jar it that way and then keep it in the refrigerator (not as harsh on the plant as freezer?). I can’t buy a bunch of additional equipment - it’s just for my own personal use.

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Yes, the refrigerator is a great place to store it. If you want to seal the jars, if you have a sealer; make up a bag big enough for your jar, put the jar full of weed in the bag with the lid on loosely and pump it out. The pressure differential between the outside world and the inside of the lid should seal it. Under no circumstances should you vacuum seal flower directly! It will be good for nothing but edibles. It presses it into a solid block.


Thank you!

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If you have a vacuum sealer, they actually make an attachment (fairly cheap) to vacuum-seal mason jars - both size lids.