Crohns Ulcerative Colitis IBS and stomach issues

Created this topic for anyone who may be or know of someone who is afflicted with these man made conditions due to the marketing of unhealthy foods to the masses and that Mother Nature has the cures for them.



If I were you but I realize I’m not and you have to make the final decisions is I would learn about these things for yourself about reading labels and shopping for healthy foods and cooking them at home yourself knowing what’s in there and then passing this critical information to your children so they too have the knowledge and won’t have health issues later in life!
You’d be surprised at how much less expensive it really is by not buying the quick and easy prepackaged foods with suspect ingredients and sourcing the components yourself and cooking it up. Many believe incorrectly that healthy food is more $ but when you remove the convenience factor of ready to go foods and buy the stuff individually it can be and usually is cheaper because the cost of convenience adds up.

I used to (and still do) love velveeta mac and cheese in the boxes…it was quick and easy but removed that from my diet once I realized what that cheese in the packet was…


Thank you I’ll be back on in 40 min got take kids dycare

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I am deffinitly starting reading labels but first I need to have a base knowledge about what’s good and bad do you have any reading material just to get a base understanding of what I’m looking for

@DankGunslinger we move convo here and thanks
As of right now I dont eat much cereal is about the only thing that dont hurt


Here are a collection of posts that I have made on this issue and I wanted to put them in one place for all to reference.
I’m not a doctor or in the medical field but have been healing myself towards being cured for Pancolitis which is medical speak for Ulcerative Colitis affecting my entire colon with bleeding ulcers etc diagnosed with an invasive butt and throat scope etc back in May of 2017.
My experiences and thoughts your mileage may vary.

Make some bone broth amazing stuff
Make some sour krout
Gotta get those good critters to outcompete the bad ones in your gut
Any over the counter stuff for stomach problems will usually make it better short term and worse for the long run…
I used teas (lol just like the the plants - not same ingredients but…) for a long time to help with my gut pains and stuff …nature works for us if we let it…just like the plants…
Eat real freakin butter made by the little old Amish lady and eat some on crackers…toss that chemistry set margarine…fake butter doesn’t fit our receptors…eat some buds…eat the plant it’s a natural herb and medicine fresh from it or dried flowers…I do from time to time. Great for sleep just be ready for a hang over like feeling in the morning if you eat too much. At least for me anyway
You got this
Order a LB of Triphala for $20 and make some tea or also buy some 00 capsules and make them in a bowl and take the stuff…cheap to try and that was one of my pivot points of being cured from my UC

Steroids…prednisone f u k s your gut critters up and sets you back quite a bit from recovering the good stuff.
Prednisone was only thing they prescribed me that had any stopping of symptoms effect on me but after researching that and gut health I’ll never let another doctor push me into that crap or any other “white mans medicine again” without researching it first! Seriously most the stuff they pedal is bad bad bad in the long run…
Eat living foods with good critters…go buy 1 or 2 of 6-8 different kinds of fruits and eat it up…blah blah blah
And read all ingredients and research those ingredients you are not completely sure off as being natural or at lease without all the baggage most come with relating to health issues

Buy a head of cabbage…
Sea salt…
Mason jars…
No electricity needed just burping a jar over 5 days or so and make your own pre and probiotics with good critters to help you
I can send a recipe / directions if you want to try that easy cheap way to help.
I hope things get better for you either way. Understand about kids first and all but if your healthy you can work and so on…tough being stuck between and rock and a hard place…chin up

Eliminate all suagrs in diet except ones from fruits are ok as there is fiber. The bad critters love high fructose corn syrup and all that type of sweeteners …even avoid the fake sweeeners…Mother Nature rules…Stevia leaf and powder is a great natural sweetener and I use it all the time as well as honey and real maple syrup both of those in limited amounts.

My issues started in Dec 2016 and finally was scoped June 2017…took their prescribed meds cheapest oldest to most expensive and newest over maybe a 9-12 month period. They helped zero…
Started researching on my own haven’t had any medical contact over the last year or more and here is the short of it.
Remove all sugars from your diet with the exception of real fruits and such that Bring along the fiber with it.
Read all the labels of anything your going to put in or on your body. If you don’t know what the ingredients are look them up online. I’m talking soaps, toothpaste underarm deodorant shampoo dish soap cleaning stuff…any food you will consume …corn syrup…high fructose shit…eliminate all the stuff that you find has ingredients that’s not natural where you can have it in your cupboard and put in in a soup and feel good about feeding the critters in your gut…healthy critters healthy body! You’ll be freakin amazed just by reading labels and looking stuff up.
Look into Triphala (3 fruits) used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years in India.

External Media East West School of Planetary Herbology – 21 Jan 16

External Media

Triphala and Elderberry for IBS - East West School of Planetary Herbology

The three fruits of Triphala. My clinical experience using the Ayurvedic formula Triphala is extensive, based on literally thousands of cases over the course or 25 years. It is only within the last th …

IBS Crohns Ulcerative Colitis all intertwined just effect different parts of the same system.
Eat as close to the ground as you can.
Eat live food like real sourkrout cold not cooked to keep the good critters alive that help your gut get healthy like this…


With a head of cabbage and some good salt…not that Morton table salt crap…sea salt not stripped of all the good stuff and a knife and a 1/2 mason jar you can make your own Sour Kraut with live good bacteria in 5-7 days or so and eat that to give you natural pre and probiotics.
Drink a lot of water every day stay hydrated we are after all 70% water. I went from living on the shitter 12+ times a day ruined any chance of good night sleeps to now down to 4 times or so a day and getting better. All those toxic shit they sell us everyday builds up and eventually triggers things such as this. Use real butter not that fake stuff. Our bodies were designed to accept natural “molecules” or whatever the receptors take. They fit where the chemistry set attempts at mimicking nature don’t fit…
Look up how high heat and pressure extrusion process affects protein structures like when they make Cheerios or a lot of snacks and dog food and most cereals.
I feel I’m on the road to being healed. I didn’t get sick overnight and it will take some time to be healed just like when growing organically things don’t happen quick but over time and aren’t fixed quick.
I’ve done all this without insurance either. When I decided to fix myself I quit paying for insurance and put that $ towards my own medicine. Natural herbs added to foods…brings all those different nutrients into my system. We are made up of a complex network of critters that when fed we’ll work together and keep us healthy.
I buy 1LB of Triphala for $15-$20 and makes about 700 or so capsules and I take 9-12 a day. My body tells me what I need…gotta listen…just like reading your plants for their needs. Sure I have a candy bar every now and then with some Vino and last weekend my Nephew got married and I over did things and paid for it the next day or two but I knew what was coming.

Anyway I truly hope some of this can help you recover and be healed naturally and low cost but you gotta read stuff and research things but once you have done that it becomes easier to shop for things because you already know Dawn Dishwashing liquid or Fabreze freshener (and countless other things) contain bad things that after awhile accumulate in your system and mess your system up.
Did you watch the video posted here about making LAB? Make that and feed your gut…has great healthy critters that you should have in your system…

Edit to add…started with Prednisone…worked but it kills all the good critters in your gut…is for short term use…
Went to Sulfasalazine and then tried Apriso and last was Humira none worked one little bit for me…and then I got high…lol

Glad I could offer some ideas.
Yea over the last year I was vegetarian, vegan and so on…with what I had at the time…ulcers all along my colon and shitting blood and mucus just about every time and no formed turds…no safe farting…no burping…to “here I sit NOT BROKEN HEARTED came to shit and only farted…lol
All the blood and mucus in my stool is gone I’m farting more like normal and I’m starting to get formed turds…
Started eating eggs and bacon…real butter…meats in good portions not like when I was 20 and huge slab of beef and very little produce…now it’s some meat and more fruits and veggies…
Use live vinegar with the mother not that sterile dead vinegar…
Orange juice or milk that’s been pasteurized …heated up to extend shelf life killing all the good stuff in the process…buy oranges and squeeze them and so on…the colder the less processed the better like humans have done for our history minus the last 60-70 years since the better living through chemistry ad campaigns started!
Your body is sweating out the toxins…the skin is the largest organ we have and does as much if not more for us than the liver…maybe just saying…lol I’m not a homeopathic doctor but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express one time and with all the toilet time have done a lot of research and reading about this shit.

That something is all you brother…you got this…read labels

Oh and I quit vaping nicotine liquids…that along with other changes upped my game…

Many “diseases” are triggered by all the toxic shit we are surrounded by from the coatings in our cooking pans to the soaps used for washing our hair skin and dishes to the make up, suntan lotion, deodorants and toothpaste. Fabreze and on and on…read the ingredients and look up the ones that sound unnatural and you will be disgusted and amazed at what corporate America markets to the masses with the blessing of the FDA and not one of those for profit at our expense MFers are being locked up.

LAB has healthy gut critters and is easy and cheap to make…

Along with making sour krout at home…head of cabbage, sea salt, knife mason jar…good gut stuff in there…eat it cold…

Again this is a collection of posts I’ve made her since joining the forum in February. I may have missed a few or double posted a few but wanted to collect them all in one spot for those that might be able to benefit from my experiences.

Another great resource is on you tube look up Dr Bergmans channel this guy is freaking on point when it comes to medical conditions and how our bodies systems work and not the misdirected information put out by the medical machine currently.

I truly hope some of this can help you or your loved one and friends that might be suffering from these man made conditions. Hell I might croak tomorrow but at least I went down fighting.

Love you all!


Ok is there anything else as a alternative to sour crought

And how long after I start this should I stop my pill
And what kind of meats all meats or should I stay away from some dose that seasoning not tear you up? Is it spicy?

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Making LAB also provides good bacteria.
Curious why not sour krout? You don’t like the taste?
I had to suck it up on some things like eating Bell Peppers green yellow red didn’t matter I went through my entire life until recently refusing to eat them straight or in salads or dishes because I hated the smells and tastes of them. Since researching things I found out what they bring to my table as far as nutrients and now eat them…yuk but hey it’s for the greater good…Me

As far as stopping the pill again I’m not a doctor so it would be my opinion. What pill / drug is it that you are taking? What are you taking it for…ie the medical reason a doctor may have given you. Is it prescribed or over the counter? Please look up that medicine and read about it’s ingredients and side effects and then search for a natural option in place of the chemical pill.

As far as what meats…one of my pivot points of recovery was moving away from eating a lot of vegetables to a more balanced diet with eggs and meats and fish.
I just don’t eat meat like I used to do with the huge steak covering most of the plate but smaller potions with veggies and fruits etc.

Best case scenario with consideration to cost would be buying meat and fish and such from local farmers that raise them in grass fields like has been done for thousands of years and not the mass feed lots that use all the crap to get em big and fat the fastest possible. You gotta chose your battles based on your situation.

All those old saying ring true.
Everything in moderation
Variety is the spice of life
Do unto others
Many many more I just can’t think of them at the moment but you get where I’m going with this. Don’t let commercials and advertising and cute key words used on packaging trick you into thinking they are healthy. Read all labels…look up those ingredients and see what the hell they are and do to the living human body.

Fish and seaweed and kelp and all that stuff provides us with some amazing things. The diet in America is full of the wrong ratios of omega 3,6 and 9 acids. There is a proper ratio of those for good health and off the top of my head I can’t remember which is which I just know that many items marketed with omega whatever are out of balance and fish contain the good ratios but again there can be issues with where they are sourced etc etc…
A quick search about omega 3,6,9 and a good healthy balance will give you a better understanding.


Love this thread.

Got anything organic that can help ugly… I’m afflicted!


Amitriptyline 50 mg x2 it stops the puking there reason abdominal migraines it dose stop the puking but nothing else last time I felt good I stoped 4th day I was at hospital

I basically when reading labels use the if I can’t pronounce the word or spell it easily it is a suspect ingredient and I will look it up to see how it’s made and any posts relating to using it.
If I can but the ingredient and put it in my cupboard and later use that to make a soup or a meal than I am usually confident that it is good to go. You’ll get the hang of it pretty quick after reading every label or item you put in or on your body. For that matter be aware of what work you do and those associated chemicals etc.
When I was 18 I worked for a copier company and was tasked with rebuilding liquid toner tanks used to image the copies. Used the safety clean tubs and solution to clean them before rebuilding for techs to take on repair calls. Well I was young and dumb and invincible so those rubber gloves that safety clean provided wasn’t used much by me and never realized how stupid my decision was not to use them every time. Now from time to time I get cramps in my hands. Not saying it’s from that but it could be as that was a petroleum based cleaning solution and that shit is bad for most everything.


A mask made out of hemp…lol

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I didn’t read the entire article but looks more like an anti depressant than something to help with puking etc…
Please do a google of it for side effects and all.

And google your diagnosis…from doctor…why he/she prescribed that for you…

Many articles

Anytime you see a doctor and they want to write a prescription as that is how they are trained ask a million questions. Too may times they prescribe a drug to mask a symptom and no one asks them about the side effects…not just possible interactions with other drugs but what that specific drug has been shown to have as negatives.

Again go to you tube and look up Dr Bergmans channel. I’ll bet he has a video covering what you have going on with your pucking.
Has a doctor given you any diagnosis and the reason for that pill?

Another simple solution is to remove all mirrors and reflective surfaces if you don’t want to see yourself lol

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Many videos and as far as I’m concerned this guy nails it.
Makes sense to me anyway.
Hell start with his video about blood pressure and after watching you’ll know he’s the shit


She says it’s for the nerves in my stumic the reason on paper is abdominal migraines with episodes of vomiting

It’s also giving for nerve damage really shes just guessing until I get the colonoscopy

I have tryed to get them to admit me into hospital but they wont the hospital wont even schedule it until I have 1000$

Of I were you…and I’m not…I would stop taking that shit. At least taper off of it over several days. My opinion means nothing other than to me. Most unnatural pharmaceutical medicines are toxic to the natural processes of the body and Mother Nature provides alternatives but we as a western society driven by convenience and greed we have lost the recipe book or it was burned by the powers that be.
Google what you have adding natural remedies / alternative options

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