Fluoride the silent killer of critters and you?

Hmm…Teflon anyone?


Thanks for that eye opening link @Skydiver. Pure clean Unadulterated water is a necessity.
Peace. :v:

Fluoride is the most important and successful public health measure in the history of mankind. Dig a little deeper…


Ok @basementstealth
so please put up what you have found about the wonders of fluoride please would love to learn!

It is also used to make people lethargic and passive. IMHO that could explain a lot as to why Americans just sit back a allow ourself to be played as fools as a govt does whatever they want. Same with big corporations.
It’s easy to control a population when they have no ambition to do better.
You also have to question why a lot of other countries don’t flourinate their water. While your at it same could be said about GMO’s.


What about the trenbolone implants they implant into steers to help fatten them up while in the feedyard ?
Just have to see the men that are walking around with boobs & looking feminine to know that’s probably a bigger worry for all of us than fluoride.
BurgerKing or McDonalds anyone ?

Those moo-ther foo-kers


Good read on the history of the implementation of fluoride and the forces behind the push…can you say Alcoa…a major producer of the toxic waste they would have to dispose of a great cost if not for selling it to add to our water supply…

Another short read below

More abuse of power for profits at the people’s health expense.

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Just ask a dentist. If you dont like fluoridated water it doesnt matter to me or your teeth just make sure you get the fluoride somewhere, toothpaste is fine or tablets are the common way in europe. It has significantly reduced disease in peoples teeth. We dont remember a world without fluoride in water and toothpaste. Many people today will live their whole life with a mouthful of healthy dentition, that’s a good thing

Fluoride is used to make people passive and governable? I call bullsh!t

What’s the dentist going to know about the big picture? Many are taught the wrong stuff that are being written by the very people who profit.

How on earth did humanity get to where it is over the last 10,000 years without corporations putting fluoride into our water. Crazy stuff. I don’t have a choice with the water…life’s blood and all. At least with the toothpaste I can choose one without that crap and I do!

You should dig a little deeper and please provide us all with valid studies showing the miracle of Fluoride because I’m not seeing that out there other than by special interests supporting their incomes.

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That would be because farmers pump their cows, chickens, pigs full of antibiotics to make them get bigger. In turn antibiotics are in the meat, eggs, milk, cheese and many more.
Even worse the farmers spread manure on their fields which leaches into the ground water. In turn people are exposed by drinking water out of their taps. That would explain some of the weight gain and man boobs.
We had a farm shut down for a while here because they were over using antibiotics.

I’m in the mind set that big corporate farms are a blight on our environment. In Vermont you used to see smalls farms everywhere. Now those farms are slowly rotting and collapsing. Just like that a way of life disappeared to make room for the bigger is better mentality.

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I can only put the information out there. Believe or not that’s up to you. I am a bit of a conspiracy nut. I’ll admit that. I do think there is more truth in these theories than most people want to believe.

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They put sodium fluoride in the water which does nothing for your teeth, it is calcium fluoride that is good for teeth.


I agree with u @shindig153, what their doing to our food is definately a problem & should be criminal. There are so many issues were seeing with peoples health that we never saw 100yrs ago.
As far as i know the use of antibiotics in animals was to promote faster growth by reducing microbial activity hence promoting better protein synthesis.
(Supposedly banned by FDA in 2017)
Trenbolone is used to fatten up steers bcos once they have been castrated they dont produce the natrual hormones like they once did & dont get as big.
As u said it comes down to bigger is better & $$$ at the end of the day.:v:
(Edit.putting added hormones into our bodies only creates a myriad of other problems. Just have to look at what bodybuilers have to do to avoid other problems when using steriods.)

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