Critical mass nitrogen deficiency?

Strain - Critical Mass

Planted Inground

Nutrients - Root Farm Base 10Ml/G, Bloom 10Ml/G weekly

PPM - Unknown

Water Ph 6 - 6.5

Soil ph unknown

Could this be a nitrogen deficiency?

Thanks, Dave

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Appears so, but it’s nothing too unusual to lose a few at this stage. You only have a 3-4 more weeks to go.

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It seems ideally that at this point the plant should be pulling nitrogen from the leaves to grow the buds.

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Thanks for the reply. At this point in the grow should I be cutting back on the grow (nitrogen) nutrients?. I am still feeding Grow weekly as the plant seems to be hungry (yellow leafs), though you say it’s normal this late into flower. Maybe I am not feeding enough ?

Nutrient line total Npk 5-5-8

Grow 4-0-1
Bloom 1-5-7
Cal mag included in nutrients


It really depends on your nutrient line that your using, and their recommended scheduling. You can continue to feed that amount of nitrogen, should be okay. You’ll still lose some fan leaves.