First time grow... nitrogen deficiency?

Hi everyone,

First time grower and I was hoping to make it through without having to post an annoying (and most likely answered a million times) question, but, here we are.

I found a seed in my purchase about 5ish weeks ago and decided to toss it in some Fox Farms soil to see if anything would take and well, it took, and I was hooked. I made a space bucket that weekend and have since been doing nothing but light and water (no nutrients to this point… wanted to use this as a “control” plant to see what it did with the bare bones).

Well, about 5-6 days ago I switched it to a 12/12 flowering cycle and now I’m noticing the bottom fan leaves starting to turn yellow as well as getting some crunchy tips. It is definitely starting at the bottom of the plant (from what I’ve read this is a pretty good sign of a nitrogen problem) as well as the edges of the leaves:

So, that said, before I run out and pick up some nutrients to help it along I was just hoping to get some confirmation that it is in fact a nitrogen issue so that I don’t treat it for a problem it doesn’t actually have.

Thanks everyone; been a long time lurker and long time smoker but I’m excited to finally dive into this growing thing.


Yes, I believe your plant is hungry. Now that she’s in flower she needs more food.


if your wanting to do minimal support … Wally world sells a 3 part series of fish fertilizers that may be the way to go… good luck


Thanks Raustin.

Should I go with a blooming nutrient now that I am flowering or something more focused on Nitrogen?

The store down the street has a wide variety of Fox Farms products so I’m hoping to keep it in the family and I believe their “Tiger Bloom” has more nitrogen than their “Big Bloom”.

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Thanks Sasquatch, I’ll check it out.

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Yes, Tiger Bloom would be perfect. Personally, I fed Grow Big, Big Boom, and Tiger Bloom together.

Looks like the beginnings of a potassium deficiency to me, which is what people refer to as a “bloom nutrient”

When I add nitrates while the plant is flowering, I keep it on the very low side of things, but I do keep giving it some throughout flower… A plant doesn’t need much nitrogen to rebound from an N deficiency


Careful feeding your plant N in flower. They need very little at this stage. I would feed bloom nutes which are very low to no N. Good luck 12/12 is fun


Thanks TDubWilly.

Headed to the store now to now, do you have a recommendation between:


I’m not too sure of the difference.

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Thanks Justgrowin.

I think I am going to focus more on bloom nutes than anything nitrogen specific.

Sorry I have only used general hydroponics

Just a little update:

Went a head and picked up “Tiger Bloom” by Fox Farms. Mixed a teaspoon and a half into a gallon of water and watered the plant 4 cups (about how much she’s been drinking lately). I also took off a few of the yellow leaves to let the plant focus more on the flowers.

We’ll see how it goes.

Thanks everyone.


Well, “Tiger Bloom” is legit.

I had two main shoots and 6 lower tier ones (I didn’t do well training the plant to stay level) but in under 24 hours of giving the plant it’s first feeding all of the lower tier shoots look like they’re now in a sprint to catch up. One of them went from about 4.5 inches lower to 2… it’s honestly blowing my mind:

Thanks again everyone.


Is that an auto? If it’s not u may want to lift it out of the pot and fill the pot with soil and put her back in. She’s way to low down in that pot. She needs air flow and more soil. Don’t want u having a big problem or bud rot. Good luck

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Sorry for the delayed response.

She’s in a 3 gallon pot in a 5 gallon buckets but that photo makes it look a lot taller than it actually is – I actually had to add another ring last night because it was getting too close to the light. Thinking of adding an LED strip lower down to help out the ones that haven’t spurted up as high.

A little update for anyone looking; starting to get pretty excited.

I lost the paper with my dates but this is about 12-13(?) days into flowering?


Another little update, end of flowering week 3.

No clue on the strain.


Hey everyone,

Another little update / question…

Before I dive in, I know I did a horrible job training this plant (it was my first one and I was way too cautious with it) so it got crazy tall but I am now at entering the 4th week of flowering and I want to double check that this is normal.

While the flowers are coming in really nice I am starting to get some yellowing on the lower leaves as well as a few that have officially called it quits. I’ve read that yellowing is normal during this stage but with 5 weeks of flowering left I’d hate for this to be a race against the clock situation with leaves dropping.

As it stands now I’m using “Tiger Bloom” by fox farms and feeding every 3rd-ish day (when the soil feels dry).

Thanks for your help.

Hey everyone,

An update / question for everyone…

I just started week 7 of flowering and I’ve noticed some fading / brown spots on my plant and I am wondering what could be causing this:

Based on the chart I’ve been using it looks like a “manganese deficiency”, and this late into flowering it’s more than likely something that can’t be fixed / hopeful it won’t effect the final few weeks but for future reference I’d love to know what’s up.

And with that said, here’s how she’s looking right now…

Out of curiosity, when do the trichomes really start coming in? It definitely is starting to have some light sparkle to the leaves but nothing significant yet.

Thanks everyone.

Are you still feeding nutes? If not then those yellowing leaves are the plant eating itself which happens naturally in late flower, so nothing to worry about.