Containers sizes

What is the size of containers being used? I am using a 3 gal fabric bucket. Would like to go to a flatter container to keep my girls from being burned by the grow lamp. It is an led 600 watt lamp. Had to move it all the way to the top of the tent to stop burning.

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Instead of downsizing to a smaller pot, why not implicate some training. What size space do you have?

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Most people use 3 or 5 gal for autos and 5 of 7 gal for photos, (indoors). Fabric pots are the container of choice right now.

If you’re running out of room in your tent either lst/supercrop/bend the plant. In the future if you use the same tent, flip them into flower a little earlier.


would be a good time to learn LST…easilly done…no negatives. Unless you break a limb.

SCROG! That’s the way to go IMO.


Yes, that’s probably the best route for the future.

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