Confusing harvest signs

So I have a plant that has milky trichomes but all the hairs are white.

Even has a few amber tric’s but again, zero red hairs.
They went through some real cold, and understand that accelerated the maturity process. But how will I tell when they’re done?

These look like they’re on sugar leaves. Which will ripen faster

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It was the tip of the bud but I could’ve caught a tiny sugar leaf.

The bottom pic looks more bud like and a bunch of clear there. What’s the plant look like?

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Harvesting for yield and potency have different approaches. Potency wise shoot for 40-60% amber trichomes. Yield wise, aim to pull your plant before foxtailing and bad weather. Most of the time those white hairs emerge from unswollen calyxs that, with time will fully form and change color

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I’d have to pull some pics tonight in the daylight. It just got dark here. I wasn’t even planning on posting these pics. I was just trying out this new microscope thing and when I looked at the photos I noticed the colors and a question popped in my head

How does temperature effect those norms?

Yeah it’s hard to see where you’re pointing the lens when trying to take pics. I use a xenvo lens that attaches to your phone and it gets close enough to check the trichs but not too close that you can’t tell what you’re aiming at


Maybe I had it zoomed too far in, it’s a new scope lol

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Here’s a few more pictures from this morning, @BobbyDigital & @ThirtyThree the crystals on the first one are the ones in question. I noticed it has a yellowish tint to the crystals, which is why I opted not to wait for amazing to send me a new scope and get this one from grow shop. Anyway:

The rest are from a few of my other plants just to show the difference in appearance:

And another…

One of the purplest purple punch’s:

Thanks for taking a look and offering insight, much appreciated.

p.s. I might need to get a lesser powered microscope lol the lowest magnification on this is 60 and goes to 100x. Good for pests, maybe not good for trichromes. :man_shrugging:t2:


Man they’re gorgeous! With all those sugar leaves it’s going to be hard to check the bud trichs right now.

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I’m excited man lol last year was such trash for outdoor grows in the northeast friggen buds rotted from the inside out. It was wild.
This year, we’re in a drought lol and I don’t care if my well goes dry. I just want to have a good grow lol
It is hard to tell but this change in overall trichrome color has me wondering what’s up. This color change has occurred in the last two days. Again, however, the hairs are white as shit. I just don’t know what to do lol

If you have one of the scopes with a built in LED, be careful about how bright you have it set. If I turn mine up more than about halfway it distorts the colors of the trichomes.

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It only has one setting, on/off. And I can’t see shit through it without the light on. I was trying without the light for 10 minutes, no luck.

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