Complete growing sets

Hello,I was reading about your complete growing sets,are they set-up for indoor grows only or can you grow them outside also.

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@Support_Team might be what you need to add to this post to grab the attention of some one who could answer this question better than me .
That being said if you are talking about the sets with nutrients seeds and a growing schedule I believe that you can grow where ever you prefer . Many people like growing outside because of the cost savings but there is many more things out of your control that can effect your plants like bugs a neighbor’s cat the weather etc.etc.etc. so I do my growing indoors where I control everything . But if your asking about the seed nutrient deal then I think it is all up to you where you choose to plant . A suggestion I would have for you would be to download the free Grow Bible from this site and give it a quick read it will help you decide which would be better for your particular needs… Good luck with your grow OS.:evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::grinning:


There are different sets. I didn’t look at them all yet, just looked at the beginner set. It is for soil grows. Those can be grown in or outdoor. There are different nutrients for hydro grows, I don’t know if there is a set for that.

Hello,Thanks for the info i have downloaded the GROW BIBLE,and will read
it,i like the outdoors but am going to try inside after i harvest this
years plants.again thanks.


Id like to know what ppl think of the kits plz.

Quick question. What type of soil would be good with the grow sets nutrients. I was gonna get kindsoil. But I think I might burn the plants with too much nutrients. I’m new to the forum hello everyone