Grow Tent Setup

Hello everybody. This is my first grow and I had a few questions. I bought a grow tent that came with the whole setup from HTG (link below with everything included.) I have it set up and some plants started but I want to make sure that I setup the exhaust system the best way I can because it’s staying pretty hot inside. I did also buy a 4 in inline fan off of amazon and thats all i’ve bought extra for this setup. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Nice setup you could of put that together in pieces much cheaper though this my first grow also and was thinking of get a complete setup but between amazon and ebay and homedepot I spent bout 250

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That’s good! I just didn’t want to go through too much DIY.

Yeah I hear on that… this has become my hobby now so I’m trying all kinds of things and trying to save money at the same time…this site is the place to be these guy’s got so much knowledge they will help from start to finish

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That’s good because its hard sometimes and support is appreciated and needed lol. So do u have any suggestions on the setup? I have the 6inch fan they sent as the outake and then as I said I bought a 4 inch inline and have it going into the bottom hole on the tent. But it seems to be causing the tent to suck in

That’s good because its hard sometimes and support is appreciated and needed lol. So do u have any suggestions on the setup? I have the 6inch fan they sent as the outake and then as I said I bought a 4 inch inline but its sucking the tent in and staying kinda hot

Put your 4 inch on top , and the 6 inch on bottom , it should help bring down the heat because heat rise . But you might can keep the tent slightly open if no light gets in during sleep hours . But HPS lights put out heat , which can be challenging keeping temps down , for me I have LED so it’s not so hard managing my humidity and temps .

Sucking the tent in a little is ok,it’s what you want,your creating negative pressure which is helping pull air into the tent,the best way for you to deal with your heat issue is to somehow get the lights ballast outside the tent because it is giving off a good amount of heat,and get a air cooled reflector for your light so the exhaust fan is pulling the air through the light and helping to cool it down. These 2 ways are probably gonna be the easiest most cost efficient ways for you


I already have the ballast outside. I definitely didn’t want that added heat in the tent either. The lighting I have is the one that came with the completed grow tent. Can I somehow turn it into an air cooled?

I live in the SW and it stay hot outside but I’m stressing because it often goes up to mid 80’s inside the tent. I have the 4 inch clip on fan on the bar of the tent pointing down and another 6 inch fan on the floor pointing up along with the 4 inch inline coming in from the bottom.

Like cash said get the air cooled reflector.… Something like this. It’s from the same company so call and ask if that will work with. I’m sure you can get it cheaper after they say it will work.

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One of the most important things to consider when deciding to use a grow tent is: Where am I going to get my cool fresh air from?

If you do not have AC, or a cool basement area; I suggest you grow in a room and not a tent. Plants will have a much better chance.

My new home for my ladies OG kush from here they were growing in tent 32"x 32"x 64 but after stretching during flowering period out grew tent I now have them in a 40"x 40"x 74 this tent looks like a little room


Wow , they are looking really good , but they are stretched and tall.

Nice new home for your ladies…Sweet !
I’m noticing the flowers on your ladies. Sweater !
Good job there ice


Thanks…Will, couldn’t of got this far without everybody’s help can’t wait to start next grow now that I got more room

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They look good!! I’m excited to get more room for my next grow as well

That’s awesome ice, to have great first grow and actually look forward to the next one in stead of dreading it…lol


Yeah right can’t decide on what seeds to order next what’s your take on ak47 or what’s a good one hitter quitter to grow

What have you growed so far ice ? Truthfully they all one hitter quitters , it’s all in how you grow them . Latewood just quoted me on a story he once heard . If you grow cheap , it smokes cheap . I learned that the quality is in the environment of how you grow . Any plant is more stronger when it’s fully matured . So great nutrients , any of your choice that you learn that works , and great strategy in vegging .