'Color', trics & buds

They’re chopped, its time & maybe past time?

They sprouted the 2nd week of April & i finally just harvested. A long road to say the least.
They flowered at the end of Aug so i figured to harvest the end of Oct, 8 wks.
Its the ‘color’ im concerned about. Im approaching 10+ wks out from flower & my trics are still crystal clear with no amber. Also, some are green in color like MrPeaceman. I look at them with a 60X, lighted magnifier and they still look the same as they did a month ago, without a hint of any further maturity.
So i tried some, (as did a few other folks) & its good pot :flushed: Yep, i got me some pot!

So what the heck, where’s the color i so patiently waited for? They’ve been in the garage for 4 wks but i dont think they froze but they did come close several times so maybe that was enough to shock them?
They are still alive at the end but not growing or maturing

If anyone has an answer or idea, id like to hear it
Thanks growers for all your help & support!

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Really cool picture. :grin:

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