Trichrome colour advice

Morning guys,

So a bit of advice would be appreciated. I got a 60x scope to try determine when I’ll be ready for harvest.

I unfortunately did not record when my plant went into flower and it was some bagseed so not sure what strain it is.

Please check the attached pics (not the best) of what I managed to get through the scope attached to my phone.

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Nowhere near ready, that’s just the trichs on the sugar leaves, they have a bit to go themselves, and the white pistils I see are a bit of a giveaway that, and this is just my guess, you maybe have a month more to go yet.


Thank you @anon35207245

I’d say about 10-15% of the pistils have browned…


Oh yeah, a long way to go yet but at least you have the chance to practice using your scope


@juweedy…the important trichome indicator site is not the leaves…dun matter.
The important trichomes are on the buds. When 20% trichomes go amber…time to harvest. BE sure to flush for one week.

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Thank you @tanlover442! I was not aware that it’s on the bud and not leaves.

I’ve been struggling with the microscope to find the right resolution and just thought wherever I can see the lil dots would work to tell. They are the foxtail leaves though that are sitting right on the bud?



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read the Free Grow Book you can download here. Clear little mushrooms on THE BUDS are the ones to watch. Once the plant has peaked, little mushrooms–TRICHOMES are degrading. The once clear stem with a round head is now turning amber and the head will fall off. When it gets brown…headless…the thc is degrading.
This is why harvesting with a 20% trichome colored amber is best.

I have recently learned that it’s best to judge the trichomes directly on the bud rather than the leaves. The ones on the leaves mature faster than the ones on the bud. Haven’t put this info to the test yet but it’s what I’ve heard.


80 percent milky white. With 20 percent turning red…