Trainwreck ready or not can't really tell

Can someone see what I’m not

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I see a lot of white pistils. That tells me your not ready yet. Pistil need to be 70-90 percent brown and trichromes need to be cloudy and some amber

A clear picture of a bud would help too.

Don’t rush it. You can lose a lot of trichrome growth at the end if you harvest to early. Mine looked like that a couple of weeks ago and since then they have really bulked up and got fat and more trichromes are popping up everywhere


@MAXHeadRoom called it. You could use more magnification. 60 to 100 X will show the trichomes and allow for a better judgment on when to harvest.

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Thank you all for help I’ll put some new pics I’m very proud of my beautiful Girls just want to make sure I’m doing the right thing for them

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There is too much light being directed at the trichomes in that picture. Natural light is the best or just low lighting if the natural light isn’t enough @Centralgrow

Judging by the pic you last posted you have a ways to go. How far from initial flowering are you?

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I am 8 weeks into flowering. the last picture I posted was around noon they get sun light from sun up to sun down I wish I would’ve planted a little bit further apart from one another

Not ready, give it another week…looking good, great job!

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Should I be flushing with molasses and should I water once a week or two the soil seems to be moist about foot down so I’m not trying to drown them I’ll post a better pic when light isn’t so bright thank you

I wouldn’t be fertilizing, some people swear by black strap molasses, I’ve never used it, plain water would not hurt. The ladies stop using as much water in the days before harvest, keep an eye on it…

I’ve been using black strap molasses I gave her a gallon a week ago and it rained a little bit three days ago so. I wasn’t going to water again is that a good idea?

It might take longer than a week for her to finish, water if she needs it - top inch or so dry

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