Coco loco like coco or soil

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Getting ready for a second grow with Fox farms coco loco. The more I read about coco loco the more confused I am. I understand that it’s different than plain coco coir. But one thing I can’t seem to get is should I treat the watering and feeding of the coco loco like soil or plain coco coir. Some says it should extend feeding to every 3-4 days then next posts with coco loco in the title says feed 4 times a day Or more. Lol.
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I just researched same thing. FF Coco Loco is more like soil. I don’t have the info handy, but it is buffered and amended with similar things as FF Ocean Forest. I know the info I saw says it is a mixture of Forrest hummus and Coco coir. As far ph when watering Treat it the same as soil. I’ve got info on my journal Bulldognuts first grow journal. Don’t have time right now to retrieve, later tonight I’ll check it out and link it here.


Great… Thank You