Coco dry fertilizer

What is the best dry fertilizer to use for Coco grows? I want to switch my next grow from bottle to dry, but curious what others are using. I’m also considering worm castings. Anything else I should consider?

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I use Happy Frog dry amendments. I do alright.


I mix my own soil.

4 parts coco coir
1 part composted manure/worm castings
1 part perlite

This is seedling and rooted clone friendly. When I transplant (at about 1 month), I add the amendments at half strength. I top dress once a month.




Some growers are using Jacks 321 dry fertilizer.


I recommendJack’s. It has literally everything needed. Insanely cost effective too! 3.6 grams Jacks Part A, which is the primary special sauce of Jack’s and contains trace nutrients as well. 2.4 grams Jacks Part B (Calcium Nitrate), which is your main source of, you guessed it, Calcium and Nitrogen. 1.2 grams Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate), for your Magnesium and a bit of Sulfur.

Part A - 1000gram bag for $26.99 = roughly 277 feedings, $0.10 per feed.
Part B - 1000gram bag for $23.99 = roughly 416 feedings, $0.06 per feed.
Epsom Salt - Depends on brand. Bag I bought was 5lb (2267grams) for $13.99 = 1889 feedings, $0.0074 per feed.

Then they have 25lb bags too! :rofl:

If you see a magnesium deficiency, just add more Magnesium Sulfate… Nitrogen deficiency? Just add more Calcium Nitrate.


If you want to go organic then get ur self some superworm frass,worm compost ,bat guano and volcanic rock dust fertilizer and mix that in ur cooc coir and u can top dress with all this

Jack’s by far, I used chemgro for years before switching to Jack’s.

I looked at masterblend, megacrop, General hydroponics, NPK Raw, and fox farms.

Jacks is the best fact.
It’s easiest to use and it’s the least expensive.

Anyone who says anything else, either hasn’t used Jack’s or doesn’t know the details.

Not saying Jack’s is the only thing that works but to date it is the best.


Hi. I’m just starting so I’m new to this. What kind of soil would be good for an autoflower plant that’s grown inside? Also would I need to get other things to put into the soil? Thank you.

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Welcome to ILGM forum. Foxfarms Ocean Forest is a good soil to start with. With it you won’t necessarily need to add any additional amendments with the exception possibly of cal-mag. The need for cal-mag will depend on your water and what type of grow light you are using. I see you just joined so you may be limited on your ability to respond, so just respond when you are able. :+1:

Thanks for your response. What if I’m growing indoors under direct sunlight? Also any particular brand of cal-mag?

If trying to grow behind glass, most home window glass reduces sunlight to where it’s not really usable for cannabis. If in a purpose-built greenhouse or sunroom it may be okay depending on the material.

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I use Botanicare Cal-mag plus, keep in mind that it may not be a nessitity. Depending on what kind of water you are using. For example RO water will be stripped of nearly all compounds. Also when using high end LEDs it can cause your girls to use more calcium and magnesium. More importantly as Myfriendis410 has pointed out if you are depending on growing in a window, it may present problems with receiving enough sunlight. It can be done, but you may not get much return on your time and energy spent. :+1:

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Perfect. I was thinking along these lines, but thanks for the measurements. I love growing in coco, but need to up my game. I appreciate the detail in your response.

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Is that one plant or a combination of a few. ?Do you still have to check the ph etc with that mixture. What is the cage for should I purchase that also. I’m new to growing inside. Thanks :blush:

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That’s a Super Skunk. It’s all one plant.

The cage is 4"X4" trellis netting. I used two layers on this plant to keep her canopy even… She really wanted to grow.

My water goes in at 7ish pH. I don’t really worry about it because I use rain and well water.

What if I sat it outside during the day and inside at night do you think that could work?