Unbelievably Frustrated

I posted a while back problems I was having with my grow. I took some suggestions that took me to replanting from starting out in MG potting soil to repotting in 100% coco coir. Here are pics at 6 weeks grow, one from my last grow and now. One pic in 50/50 MG potting soil and coco with nutes purchased form this site and another 100% coco using Jacks 321. I’m getting worse and worse at this.


I tried growing in coco. It was a headache. I added some composted manure and switched to dry amendments. Now all I have to do is water them and feed them once a month.

4 parts coco coir
1 part composted manure/worm castings
1 part perlite.

I use Happy Frog dry amendments at half strength…


it does piss you off your coco should be mixed 70% coco 30% perlite and water daily with jacks 321, water away from stem make the roots look for water ive done 2 plants this way and did good mist your jacks at first around stem at first as it gets biger start watering normal iused 1 cup till about 6-8 inches tall than 2 cups a day till flower then 4 cups till done believe im no pro but it worked for me good luck

Did you have a question?

As they say “different strokes for different folks”

I like growing in coco using Jacks. I use autopots which grows nice plants but sometimes I like a more hands on approach. So this round I am using two autopots and one top fed plant.
Top feed


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I’m looking for a way to save this plant. Working with what I have now isn’t working and seems a waste of time and energy. How do I turn this grow around?

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I really don’t know what to advise you on these plants.

I would advise that on future grows you pick a method and stick with it. If you keep changing things up, your plants will be playing keep up…


The top pic looks good which pic is which?

If bottom pic is straight coco it looks way too dry. How often are you feeding and how much? Also looks like leaves think light may be too close or something.



I’m with dbm if it’s strait coco it looks dry and coco should not dry out. Soak it down with a superior feed are u phing the nute mix and mixing nutes the proper way let’s get u having a good plant. As u do things it will take a minute to see the results so be patient there but the all coco one I myself would make a good bucket of feed mixed proper and PhD proper to 5.8 slowly soak the whole pot put the whole 5 gallons thru it if u have to after it gets runoff check some runoff for the pH and soak it down slowly til u have a good pH coming out at around 5.8. Coco is awesome for growing and I believe being newer it’s a way for a new grower to start growing as u can fix and repair an issue quick fast and simple I’d mix jacks itself 5 gallons 6g epsoms salts 12g part b and 18g part a. Put each part in a small cup and pour hottest tap water u can get in the cup about a quarter cups worth and stir til they r all broke up and dissolved. If using silica add silica to bucket of water first then pour in the dissolved part a mix and stir add part e mix and stir good. Last if that’s all going into mix add part b mix in stir good check pH and set it to 5.7 5.8 add tribus fishshit if u r using it man oth ect water away.