Amendments;;dry or liquid?

I have used Tribus and other similar liquid ferts. I was thinking of trying dry ferts. anyone use dry ferts? Pros and cons happy growing :bat: :rofl:

A lot of people here use Jacks 321
It works
It’s easy
Not messy
No guess work
Much less expensive in the long run

You have to mix with water? Not much of a con


I started out using fox farm trio with a few supplements. Switched to advanced nutrients Iguana series with a lot of supplements. FF and AN are liquid nutrients and supplements. Now using Jack’s 321 in coco. I use it in autopots as well as top fed plants. No immediate plans on switching for the reasons given by @Mr_Wormwood.
I’ll add it produces


If ur thinking about goin organic i think its best to go with a all Natural with worm castings and bat guano and volcanic rock dust fertilizer and superworm frass and se organic compost.

Cons of dry fertilizer is they need to be top dressed, you have to top water to send it down , they stink for 4 days after amending , you have to be planning for the future, and they’re slow to fix problems.
Pros organic is slightly smoother, it’s more natural so less chance of hermying

My recommendation start with a organic boosted coco coir base then start using jacks 321 one week in so you have the best of both worlds

I use Happy Frog dry amendments at half strength. I do alright…


Do you consider Jack’s to be a dry nutrient?

I don’t consider it a dry nutrient but a type of fert you use. I was wondering about additional supplements to give your plant that extra kick. I have used Tribus , wondering about the dry amendments. thanks and happy growing :bat: :rofl:

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Happy Frog doesn’t stink.

I am going to be playing with FloraMax Resin XS and Mammoth P as supplements during flower for my current run. Both indicate they will increase production and yield, so figured I’d see how they do on some clones.

I recommendJack’s. It has literally everything needed. Insanely cost effective too! 3.6 grams Jacks Part A, which is the primary special sauce of Jack’s and contains trace nutrients as well. 2.4 grams Jacks Part B (Calcium Nitrate), which is your main source of, you guessed it, Calcium and Nitrogen. 1.2 grams Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate), for your Magnesium and a bit of Sulfur.

Part A - 1000gram bag for $26.99 = roughly 277 feedings, $0.10 per feed.
Part B - 1000gram bag for $23.99 = roughly 416 feedings, $0.06 per feed.
Epsom Salt - Depends on brand. Bag I bought was 5lb (2267grams) for $13.99 = 1889 feedings, $0.0074 per feed.

Then they have 25lb bags too! :rofl:

If you see a magnesium deficiency, just add more Magnesium Sulfate… Nitrogen deficiency? Just add more Calcium Nitrate.

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Heck no but as someone whose been doing 5 variety auto grows of dry amendments in coco I’m just tired of the little issues that arise from dry amendments , though I got to admit this current grow I’ve gotten pretty good at eyeballing the exact amount the girls need and when , but even still they pale in comparison to the 3 jacks 321 girls I did side by side . Here’s my current grow and a couple of my best organics done with down to earth and nectar for the gods


First one to come to mind is silica. I use liquid silica boost. Another is fulvic and humic acids. I use advanced nutrients Ancient Earth. If building my own soil I use Humic Bliss. Soil building has so many I won’t include any others. Dried yucca is a nice to add to water when feeding, mediums or as a foliar spray. Other Advanced Nutrient supplements I use regularly include Mother Earth, Sensisym, Voodoo Juice, Piranha, Bud Candy, Big Bud and Nirvana.

I now have a couple of Jack’s 321 grows under my belt and a few in progress. I am a convert to coco and Jack’s. Of my current grows this one is the furthest along


I use dry amendments. I like top dressing once a month. No mixing so measuring pH or ppms. The down side as pointed out is that you won’t see I mediate results when addressing a problem. I have been using Dr. Earth products. @MeEasy uses a product that I think is called Earth Dust. Liquids I add to my feed water are silica, calmag and every now and again Peruvian Gold. I do pH my water based solutions. There is a product I top dress at flip Lang…something. I’ll google now and hopefully will have time to edit this post to add it.


I also brew compost tea.


I will add when growing organic if you need a quick fix of feed you can always make up a tea and spray it on your plants as a foliage feed. I know I’ve seen a bunch of times that cannabis doesn’t feed through the leaves but that is just not true


Other than jacks and tribus I’ll add some humic acid fulvic acid kelp extract other than it’s basically oh in flower I have been adding jacks bloom to the mix so it’s the jacks 321 jacks bloom and tribus sometimes I’ll cut the bloom and add some liquid Kool bloom to the mix instead. Flower fuel every now and again in flower

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Whoa, Beautiful

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I also use Jack’s Blossom Booster. I am also going to give their 7-15-30 Finish a try on three plants in autopots. At that point I will pretty much be following Jack’s 3-2-1 official Nutrition Schedule.

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Thanks I have to admit it is a pretty sight. They will be ready for harvest is a couple of weeks. You can see how they turn out and what else I have going on at Another Clone SOG and TBD

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