Co2 extractor for home use

Anyone doing C02 extraction? Curious if any one has used a supercritical C02 unit like those at oco labs.

@AfgVet may be interested to compare the set up she has.

Almost the same price point at closed loop for butane. Butane is much lower pressure.
1 ounce at a time is painfully slow for some that need to run a lot though.
Overall phenomenal looking product that probably works really well.

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Thanks! Appreciate the thoughts and share. My goal is get a low touch low chem option for extracts that still maintain terps. If the time to run takes extra but the process is low touch i am all in.

Tried a few things in the past. Wet cure, source turbo and various qwet options, oil bath but they are all high touch processes.

Figured this might be better as ya show it in the tube and leet her buck. But wanted to know what others think.


I picked up a used super c a month or so ago but haven’t had a lot of time to play with it.

I have a lot of uses for it, mushroom extraction is my goal.

CO2 is the cleanest extraction process out there now. And why I’m figuring it out


That’s why I am after it, sharing a bit of detail in the hopes that you or those in your go to group can help me come up with a game plan. I want a clean, healthy product.

I am looking to grow limonene and linalool heavy strains. They work best for us. I want to create concentrates to use in either canna butter or canna honey, the latter is my go to in tea. The occasional vape will probably be good as well in the summer.

I want to keep my end product as healthy as possible, with minimal work or steps. Have a source turbo - feels like a lot of work to declare an ounce in the ardent, run the wash, then Buchner, then the unit itself and still have to prep the work for butter or honey.

We are also trying to drop the chlorophyll and other plant material to a low or zero state. Hence the question of super critical CO2.

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We both seem to have the same goal of the cleanest product.

I’ve got a ton of stuff going on through mid July so it’ll be a minute before I can sit down and really play with it. But yes, this machine s a ms to be what you want. I picked mine up used on EBay.

I need to sit down and research temps and pressures that are optimum for the super critical extraction

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I would like to pick your brain a bit further, if I may. I have been kicking the idea of cold dry sift options as well, but i have no experience in making.

I was going to grab a bubble magic sifter and grind this run, freeze it in the deep freeze over night and decarb the material in an ecru with an oil and honey mix.

Think it would work well?

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I haven’t done much with sifting other than the trim bin. I would just caution you on grinding the material. you’ll likely get a lot more chlorophyl.

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