Question about C02 extractor

I was looking at these they are any from 400 to 100k. With crazy options i am interested in a home hobby one . I would like to make wax/shatter and oil with it. I saw a friend doing the butane honey oil extraction this weekend and the glass container blew out and stuff went every where so that is why im looking in this direction. If anybody has one they like and use please let me know thanks for your time

@Donaldj if you get a minute can you add anything here i know you have a extracting set up going
@Shatter make his own as well maybe he can give some solid advice
Post a link to the extraction equipment so we can take a look
Remember using propane or butane is dangerous and extreme care and safety measures should be take
So you your family and neighbors are not hurt

I would suggest you look into closed loop set ups

I did some research on them a while back but decided on a rosin press instead

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Are you going to be making BHO? I know I have heard good things about the HoneyBee Extractor. I am unsure on how butane vs co2 extraction works. They material the HB extractor is made from is suppose to be a space Grade quality

That is what i was wondering about is a closed loop system. The other is what is safe and simple for a home hobby one that could do like 2 oz or more at a time. C02 extractor seams to be the safe one i went to Michigan and saw a shop making their vape juice and stuff to dose edibles with. I asked him what he has in that set up it was 38k for his set up. I’m looking for something 2k or less I’ve seen extractor on eBay and Amazon but would like to talk to someone so i don’t waste my money on bad equipment that doesn’t work very well.

Looking for something like this or something better maybe

This is upgradable

I like this for grain alcohol extractor

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Closed loop absolutely! And valves on both ends of hoses for safety in case of line rupture, so no matter what the leak can be isolated. Butane is heavier than air and not just “flammable” but “EXPLOSIVE” so don’t t let any pools or sumps exist without fresh air circulation exhausting the area inside or out with enough CFM to overwhelm the most severe rapid decompression of any and all vessels, otherwise the escaping gas can reach concentrations that are explosive. Supper chilled butane bottles are stable and won’t gas off even if they’re ruptured, until the liquid starts warming up, then it starts gassing. Warm bottles are under pressure and will rapidly empty if opened. Cold/safe warm/dangerous.

For now I’m using convection (warm-to-cold) to recapture the butane by boiling the vessel (105f) to a tank surrounded by dry ice.

When I can afford it, I’m getting an explosion proof compressor ran through a condenser and back in the bottle in short order on demand.

The process of making shatter, butter, sugar, dabs, all depends on the strain, timing, and temperatures used in the process, most important the grower, crap in, crap out, and lower overall yields.

I use a dry ice jacketed extraction vessel and fresh frozen nuggets, not dried, (live shatter). This method preserves allot more turpines and THC when the process is all kept around -180 f., it keeps the undesirables out like chlorophyll and nutrients frozen in place within the H2O/ice.

Rosin is the easiest and safest way to extract, but the temperatures and exposure time looses allot of turps and some THC to CBN in the process, but hey, I made my own pollen puck press tool and die, I can easily heat it in the oven and press some rosin when I’m desperate!

I found these guys to be reasonable on price and excellent on service.

P.S. I live in the middle of nowhere’s butt-hole, nobody to blaze but myself! Another thing, don’t put out a gas leak on fire, let it burn and if possible close the valve by keeping it cooled with a garden hose, otherwise you’ll be back to an explosive situation. I have a garden hose at the ready and several fire extinguishers, safety glasses too, preferably face and head shield for both eye and flash fire protection. Liquid butane can freeze the eyes on contact.


Mine is quite similar to the ablaze unit though I have the upgrade which doubles it’s capacity the nice thing is I can down scale to run oz or upscale to run 1/4lb I added a 1.5" ball valve to let butane saturate materials this can result in more waxes being extracted not just shatter. I get decent returns but I run primarily trim


Do I have to have a liscense to buy a big ac style 40lb cylinder of butane

not that I am aware of but I simply buy it by the case and since I recover most of my butane during winter it lasts me months

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Is there any videos that you could suggest there is some bad information on YouTube and i would like to skip them and watch the people doing it the wright way. Thanks for all of your help

I live in Canada so I actually just cool vessels outside during winter and it works like a charm but dry ice is the mode of choice