Co2? And also this for fifteen letters

Hey guys.
I am growing some white widow and Acapulco gold at the moment and my buds are the most dense and beautiful and well formed I have ever grown.
I don’t see much mention of Co2 in people’s grow diaries yet I have heard from alternative sources that co2 used in a grow will produce denser, larger yields. Any truth to this?
Thanks in advance. I will reply and interact with all contributors to this conversation in the morning.
Thank you.

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CO2 demands a sealed environment, high intensity lighting, and high PPMs. Supplemental CO2 does absolutely no good without adequate lighting and an environment where the plant will actually use the CO2. CO2 makes no sense for the vast majority of hobby growers. Normal room CO2 is plenty.


I use CO2 in my grow tent as i don’t open up my vents i make my own CO2 its easy and very affordable and yes it does put out a good amount of CO2 as i run my light full on and my light on full does around 1360 ppfd since ive been using it ive had bigger and better grows and bigger yields .The reason i don’t open my vents on my tent is bugs get through the netting on the vents and u end up with a bug problem .i will always use homemade CO2