Closet/Frigidank™ perpetual grow

Howdy y’all, and welcome to my grow journal. This will document my two-area, somewhat perpetual grow, vegging in the closet, flowering in the converted freezer. The freezer conversion is documented here:
I’ve had some issues with the White Widow feminized plant currently in the freezer, but she’s 3 weeks into flowering, and looking healthy, although small. But she has definitely been a good crash course/learning experience for me. Here’s some pics from today, post-trim:

My veg closet is about 21x21, just enough for my purposes. It fits a 10x20" tray, for which I have a dome, as well.

Ventilation leaves a little to be desired, but it’s sufficient, for now. The gap under the door acts as an intake, and I cut two 4" holes in the top of the door for air to exit through. This keeps things…ok. 75-80° @ 35-40% rh. I’d like it to be cooler.

I’m only using two 15 watt 5000k led bulbs that are actually pretty potent. I’m considering removing the plastic diffusers/domes on them, what do you guys think?

My lux meter reads around 50,000 each, directly under at the same height as the plant. I have the equivalent in 2700k (as well as some similar, 6 watt bulbs that are pretty useless except for maybe clones or itty bitty babies) should I need to initiate a flower cycle in this closet, but without anything for the smell, vegging alone might be pushing it.

The plan is to keep each group of plants the same age in each location for about 2 months each. This will depend mainly on the length of the flowering cycle of the strain in the freezer. For instance, I waited to see pistils on the White Widow in the freezer before planting the Lemon Skunk seeds. Since I know the white widow takes about 8 weeks to flower, and I’ll also be drying in the freezer (to make use of the carbon filter, and to avoid smelling up the whole county), that gives the Lemon Skunk about 9 weeks or so, from seed, before going into the flower box… freezer… flowzer? Anyway, once I’m done drying White Widow, and the freezer is vacant, I should have some monster Lemon Skunk ladies to take her place.

I plan to top the Lemon Skunks (Left Eye and Chilli) soon, to try to keep their height down. I’ll also be doing some training, to get them ready to go under my scrog screen, then topping once more and then training more. With the lights at their highest in the freezer, I only have about 2’ to work with from the top of the soil in a 3 gallon smart pot, including the minimum 12" between the lights and canopy, so I have to do everything I can to keep the plants short. Go figure…I have 8’ in the closet :expressionless:

The closet is currently occupied by two “Citrus Skunk” (this seed bank is the only place I can find it called that; everyone else, including DNA Genetics, calls it Lemon Skunk, so that’s what I’ll call it) feminized seeds from True North seed bank, one already potted up to a 3 gallon smart pot, the other in a 1L plastic pot, to be transplanted tomorrow; and a Durban Poison bag seed in a peat plug, in a 1L plastic pot. I’m doubting the Durban Poison. It’s only on day 4 in the pot, after soaking overnight, but it was a pretty immature-looking seed. I have the bottom of a bottle covering it to help with humidity for germination. I actually tried another bag seed just like it out of my last 1/8, and I gave it 10 days, then tossed it. I’ll leave this one a few weeks, and see what happens.

All three are in Happy Frog with 1/3 perlite added for drainage (side note: having the wife pick up the bag of perlite at Home Depot after telling her to be careful because it’s very heavy was quite comical). They’ve been getting filtered, dechlorinated water only, so far. They’ll get General Organics Go Box nutrients when they’re ready for it. I need to pick up a pH/TDS meter to control my feeding a bit better in the future.

I have a good collection of bag seeds I plan to run alongside ones I buy, most of them really good looking seeds. Worst case, if I get males, I might try my hand at crossing some strains. For instance, if the Durban Poison is a male, I’ll shoot for some Durban Skunk seeds on one of my Lemon Skunk ladies. Why not?

I’m always open to suggestions, creative/constructive criticism, and of course, pats on the back. I’ll try to update this journal frequently, and post lots of nice pics. Thanks in advance for all the great information I know I’ll get here. You guys rock! Happy gardening!


Looking great brother. When I get my own house i want to do something like this for a veg and flower rooms. That ww looks good coming along nicley.


She’s getting a little more yellow than I’d like, but I was warned of this, so I’m not freaking out yet lol

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You got this bother, just keep an eye on her and holler at us if you need anything.

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@elheffe702 your off to a great start i wish you the best harvest bro

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Will do! Thanks! I’m positive she’s just a runt now, after seeing this Lemon Skunk at the same size after only two weeks that it took the White Widow almost 6 weeks to reach…more nodes at that age, obviously, but same overall size.
Here’s some better ones of them:

The little bit of curling is from before I cut the exhaust holes, and it got a little hot.


They are pretty resilient. I had an auto that started out as a runt, but now she is massive for how she started out haha


Switched to watching! Flowzer! Love it and the names (left eye and chili).


Humor helps my nerves.


You and me both. Keep the humor coming! What did the wife say after she picked up the bag of perlite? Lol

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She, the clerk, and I, were all laughing pretty hard. I got whacked, and some choice words were uttered. Good times.


Hahaha that’s great!

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I forgot to mention, the closet is on 18/6 and the flowzer is on 12/12, just to be clear.


Everything is looking good. I’ll be watching as well. I use the same LED bulbs and always cut the diffusers / domes off. Gives the girls more direct light. They are powerful so not too close. They can and will burn. Happy growing.


I got Left Eye transplanted into a 3 gallon smart pot today. All went well. Her roots looked great, and she was definitely due. This pot is 5" across.

I can’t believe they’re this big at only a couple weeks old. I also went ahead and topped the fifth set of leaves on both Lemon Skunks.

I will probably top them once more when they’ve grown out a bit, to keep the height down and the bushiness up.

While I was getting pots, I also picked up ph meter and reference solutions.

I know it’s a cheapo, but it seems to work just fine, and it’s better than the one I had.

I also picked up some bug strips that I hope to not need, but I will lay them out anyway. They’re cheap enough that I figure it’s better to have them than to have to run and get them in the event that are needed.


Topped up the two closet plants after watering them with 6.5 ph filtered water, and runoff was the same. Also watered the freezer plant with the same results. Everyone looks healthy and happy, although the White Widow looks pretty yellow. Everyone got water only today. I expect she’ll green up with the next feeding.

Wrong button…
The Lemon/citrus skunks are looking good.

Nothing new to add, just killing time lol


I’m coming to you from my laptop this evening, and I don’t have any photos for y’all today, because I lost my phone. Well, that’s not entirely true. What really happened is that I put it on top of the car to strap in my son, and then we heard it tumbling off as we merged into the fast lane on the highway. We didn’t realize what the sound was until we got home and I couldn’t find my phone. Luckily, it’s insured and the replacement will be here tomorrow, and my phone calls are already forwarded to my wife, anyway. She’s so awesome. Without her, I’d be in a padded room somewhere…no shit. We’ve had one hell of a year.

I’m down for a rant, and haven’t got anywhere else to do it just now, so if you’re not into that sort of thing, just skip it. Also, I’m not looking for sympathy or anything…just a rant. We’ll start about this time last year. Everyone in the house (5, my wife and myself, and three kids) had pink eye. The older two kids missed a week of school each, and I missed a week of work…more like ten days I think, but my memory…I’ll get to that. Then we all had a nasty cold that we all passed back and forth for a few weeks. Then, just about the time I was getting over my second…or was it my third round? I honestly don’t remember, but it seemed like for a few months straight, at least two of us were sick. Anyway, I was finally getting back to health, and then got into a really bad car wreck in a company vehicle. I was missing a lot of work for doctor appointments and just not being able to work for a bit, and they got sick of me missing so many days and let me go. I had plans to start a home-based business of my own prior to losing my job anyway, but it forced my hand. I started the business. Around that time, symptoms from my traumatic brain injury (TBI) started showing up…confusion, hard to concentrate, focus, etc. And then I started forgetting things. Big things. Things that caused insurance claims. So I had to shut it down. I’m pretty messed up over everything, but I keep plugging along. We were leaving an appointment with the VA, trying to get some other crap sorted out. The stupid part is that I was joking with my son about how I’d never forget to buckle him in…right after saying that, I hopped in with my phone sitting on the roof of the car still. We pretty much got right on the highway, otherwise I’m pretty sure someone would’ve honked, yelled, something, “hey, your phone’s on top of your car!” Maybe not. I would if I saw something like that. Anyway, I’m just really pissed off at myself and I’m having a hard time tonight. I’m STILL getting referrals for new specialists, almost 8 months later. I’m lucky to have not been injured worse than I was. Thanks for letting me vent here, or for reading it, anyway. Life’s funny.

So, pics or not, I’ll briefly update that Billie Jean is growing some very beautiful flowers, okay pre-flowers still really. But nonetheless, she’s looking good. I think I’ve misspoken somewhere and said week 3 of flower. Today would actually be a full two weeks since I first saw pistils, three weeks since switching to 12/12. I plan to use a microscope and go by trichome color to decide when to harvest, but does tomorrow begin week three, or week four of flowering? If anyone hangs in this far and has an answer, I’m all ears.

Left Eye and Chilli are both healthy and showing no signs of shock from topping. In fact, while Left Eye is trailing slightly behind Chilli in size, they both have new shoots off the base of every leaf, and new growth…everywhere. Chilli is already the size of the 3 gallon smart pot she’s in. I may end up with space issues even sooner than expected. I mean, seriously! This Wednesday they’re only 3 weeks old. Is this normal? LOL “My plants are too big” is a problem I’ll take! Hope everyone is well this evening. Pics from the new phone tomorrow, hopefully. Happy gardening!


Hang in there pal. Look forward to seeing your future posts!


Thanks! It may seem silly, but it’s nice to have like-minded people to talk with. This forum is a cool place for me.


I completely agree. I am almost completely done with Facebook and all social media except here. I like conversing with like minded people who share at least one same passion. Growing!