Bud development time lapse

The bud in question:

Her name (the plant) is Betty:

She is in my closet. She’s under two 23 watt, 4000k LED bulbs, for now. The whole grow journal is here: Closet/Frigidank™ perpetual grow
Betty is a clone cut May 14 from a clone of Lemon Skunk (DNA Genetics) from seed…yeah, I think that’s right. At any rate, I have a pretty good feel for this strain and these genetics. I grew two from seed, flowered one, and made the other mah BIT…no, that’s not right. Mother. I made her a mother plant, seen here:

The plant in the Frigidank™ right now, “Judy,” is about 4 weeks into flowering, and is from the same mother, taken the same day. So Betty has vegged twice as long. This should be fun. The bud in the time lapse should end up looking something like this:

And then finally, something like this…DNA’s picture next to mine, right before harvest:

She went in the dark for her first 12 hour night August 7, and has just started really making pistils. I’ve picked a bud that is on the smaller side, to get as much of the whole process as possible. This is about an 8 to 9 week strain, so they say, although they have been finishing slightly early. I’m still pretty new at this, so it could be me.

I have my old, cheap webcam clamped into position, and my laptop nearby, logging away. A 4oz. tub of Ona Block Pro near the exhaust is all the smell control I’ve installed in this space, so it should be interesting. Also, I’m curious to see how dense of buds these bulbs are able to grow. A combination of these things may lead me to move her into the Frigidank™ after Judy has been harvested.

So, much ado about nothing, so far. Just wanted to let you know what I’m up to.

I’m no Steven Spielberg nor Werner Herzog, and I’m using cheap, old equipment, so don’t expect super high quality. This gif is from my phone camera, filming my laptop screen. It will be better than this lol. But I promise at least it’ll be a good representation of what to expect when you’re expecting… to get high.


Betty has been harvested, and the lapse is in the can, so to speak. I’m currently editing…more to come!


So, with the move and everything going on in my family’s lives, it’s been impossible to get my time lapse video properly edited, sound added, etc…so I decided to just upload it and get it up so people can see it :slight_smile: …which can be done here:
- YouTube

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That’s really cool! Love watching the leaves reach for the sky. Looks like static electricity

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