Got some good pictures of bud development!

I’m not sure if there’s a slight N toxicity or potassium def, but jeez i love doing this!

She is a absolute mess lol this is my other girl calling close behind (disregard bright red stems, baaaad transplant and loss half root mass, she’s getting there though…??

Annnnnnnd… I don’t know what’s going on with her anymore

Soil kinda collapsed on me a week ago during her transplant while watering after, idk I’ve been given her space and one water since, had to fight since roots of hers back into the hole in bottom (little snip snip and redirection)

Auto flower, Boo, it flowers, the “transplant” may have triggered the flowering cycle, yelling at them also frightens them into flowering. I’m a brute, they start flowering the day their seedpod cracks.


Bagseed, but ok?

It should give you something, but not as much as determining the grow by choosing the genetics. One can grow Yugo, Chevrolet, Maserati, or Lamborghini, all depends on which genetics you choose, in this case it wasn’t a choice, it was something that otherwise would be nothing and that I can respect!

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It might happen to be an autoflower bagseed. U never know when u get weed if it is auto or photos plants not like they advetise Auto glower weed for sale or photo weed for sale. It might just happen to be an auto

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See I wasn’t sure if it was a auto or if I just stressed it its entire seedling stage it was traumatized to 3 fingers its entire life xD good to know thank you! This grow is to help convince the wife the online seed purchase would be worth it lol can’t wait to start chosing better genetics for my tiny set up! Haha

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Yeah you can’t stress a photo plant into flower. You can only trigger flower on a photo plant with the light cycle.

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I did do 12/12 from seed and about week 3 did a 24 hour darkness

Yeah 12/12 will definitely send them to flower.

Well she’s starting to get there!