Clones taken from 5 wk old bruce banner#3 mother in veg, have strange leaves

First 2 pics are strange leaf clones from vegging bruce banner mother, looks like revege but they are all still on 18/6 cycles,thought maybe they dried out a bit but doest explain single leaf formations. 3rd pic are recently rooted clones from same bb#3 mother,they never turned yellow and rooted in 12 days. Last pic is my scrogged bruce banner#3 mother. Sorry about bad pics but this phone sucks lol. Does anyone know what could be causing the leaf deformations? Bb#3 mother and 2nd batch of clones have no signs of similar issues. Help me figure out what i did wrong here guys im stumped ty for the assistance.

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They should take a while to re-veg. Mine took around 6-8 weeks before they showed normal leaf development. The cuttings i took were in week 4 of flower.
Had single leaves for almost the whole period…


Thats why Im here asking yall for some advice. These clones are taken from a vegging mother? They shouldnt be revegging because they never made it to flower? 18/6 since mother sprouted…they are not revegging its something else plus these 2 clones are the only 2 to do this out of 14 clones ??? Very strange

Ah ok. Sorry i didnt read properly, lol.

Is that mother plant a clone mother, or was she grown from seed? Was thinking if grown from seed, thenperhaps it may be a mutation of sorts from that pheno?

Ill tag in @Hellraiser, perhaps he can shed some light here…


From my past experiences, clones sometimes go through a spell of funky growth, sometimes they start off visually perfect. I’ve had ones with funky leaves grow back out into totally normal looking plants. It’s just one of those things


Yeah that’s a strange one, but most likely will be fine with just a little more time.


I cut this Super Skunk clone in September of last year and it still occasionally puts out some strange leaves.
She was cut from a plant in flower and all the others I grew out and flowered just fine. I just didn’t have room in the tent for this one. I’ve cut back the new growth a few times and every time I do this one branch puts out funky leaves. The rest of the plant growing out fine.
I just figure it’s WSWD…Weird Shit Weed Does…
You girl will be just fine!

You can see the one weird shoot on the right side!


Yea they look just like that but these plants have never been in flower ??? It looks like a reveg from flower but its not like yours it puts out single straight leaves?? But as it grows it is fading away to normal leaves but it has me stumped …only 2 of 14 clones reacted that way. Thanks for the comment, I appreciate your feed back growmie

No mother was popped from seed MSNL genetics. Yes thank you for the feedback. I really am stumped here. I dont want to repeat this if its somehow my error but if its a mutation that could be cool to grow out. Im not familiar with pheno mutations what do you think my friend ?

Yea it is strange af and im very curious it does appear to b growing out of it but i really wannna figure this out …could genetics be unstable ?? Bruce banner is known to be stable but could the distributer have messed genectics up possibly? Thanks for your time and feed back bro i really appreciate it

Its from seed MSNL genectics bb#3, I responded to you before but hit wrong reply button lol

Yea you called it the weirdo seems to be growing outta that just fine thanks for the input my friend

Yup I see it, the ridges on the leaves are like armor plates, skunk huh? How did she finish out ?