Clone yellowing

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Using clear rez and clone x solution in distilled water ph to 5.75 average.I followed the same way I did it last time but now im getting a little rot? on the leaves.Looks like theyre almost to wet.Should I be at 6.5 ph instead?

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Not sure what to advise but i use clonx ph at 5.8 and i use it fir a spray also along the way. I keep them in a propagation dome in rockwool, 75%+ RH at 75-77f and works well.

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Am using aero cloner so no dome.Maybe these arent as hardy as the last batch.Both are from the same plant.Has another week or so to develop roots.

Yeah sometime the leaves can get a bit jacked up in the cloning process but should still root and then get growing good. I’d stay at 5.6 - 5.8 ph.


I was waiting for your reply.It smells different in the tank this time too for some reason.I did adjust the ph.Could that be a issue?Same purified water.Also did some seedlings again but these dont like it as much for some reason?the pucks seem to be squeezing the stalk too much.Last time no problems at all.My biggest problem is to remember to turn the darn thing on.

I read on another post that you sprinkle dry recharge on top of your soil and water it in.How much do you apply to each plant?Thanks in advance.

well 2 weeks in I wasnt wrong.might have saved a few more last week because it wasnt brown and stinky. but something was off.hopefully next time will be better.Seems like everytime I micro manage its worse.Ill try no ph,no clear rez and stick with clone x supp like I did last time and see if they live or die.

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