2 week old clone bottom leaves yellowing

Is this normal?
Maybe a better air stone?

I also have 2 seedlings in there and they seem to be staying small

@Noctis420 you grow hydro right?
Can you help me with this?

I don’t do hydro, but I make lots of clones. Loosing some leaves isn’t a big deal. Once they root they will take off and none of the leaves you currently see will matter.

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@CMichGrower my ph jumped some so that’s probably it. I think I’m just rushing them lol. My seedlings are still growing slow though

I actually don’t have any hydro going on right now just using straight coco coir but, do you think you could get a better picture under white light? Kind of hard to see. Only thing I notice is the tips of the leaves are a little burnt. So maybe it is a touch of nutrient burn?

I will tonight. My ppm got up there on me and my ph rose with it. The clones are bothering me but the seedlings staying small for so long really is. Maybe it’s my air stone

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@Noctis420 it’s hard to get white light in there but maybe these are better. So the burn I think is from the mother. She was our first and I burned her a little.
Maybe I’m just rushing it .

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@Noctis420 I changed that air stone too

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They aren’t looking to bad. The clones stay ugly for a while but looks like you have nice white roots. I think you will be okay. How old are your seedlings?

Here is my rooted clones looking ugly from the 20th of oct.

Here they are today.

What nutrient line are you using and have you fed the seedlings as well? They look healthy to me so far. Sometimes it feels like they aren’t growing but it may just be developing its roots. Sometimes it takes a while, although hydro is usually really fast. If they get fed to soon it can stunt them.

2 weeks. I gave them a low dose. 100 ppm.
That’s what’s going on. I’m using advanced nutrients.
Advanced nutrients is a little hot too.

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Here is the mother. Our first hydro plant.
Shes 9 days in flower

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Nice, I use advanced nutrients as well it is strong.

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