Clone king 36 Just arrived

New clone king arrived.I have a bottle of clonex nutrient and clear rez as I read earlier.I cant find the post again.Has anyone mixed a tea of myco to set cuttings in prior to them getting the razor and dipped in the gel? Should I let this run for a day to let water settle and even out?
well water 69 degrees
ph 5.85
tds 790
ec 220

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Is this pure tap water? That TDS is SKYHIGH for just water. Id look into distilled or bottled over using that

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Sorry I thought I said well water post treatment.So I dont mind buying 3 gallons of water for sure just curious.Been feeding it to the girls and they havent complained.What about adding a small airstone to the reservoir?

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Clone king that is aeroponic right. I know some people that have aeroponic cloners they seem to work great 100 percent rootting… None with clone king but I think they are mostly the same thing though. Good luck with new toy. I like toys almost as much as more power (grunting) oh ho ho ho.

Airstone should be beneficial of not redundant.

Arent EZCloners equipped with airstones?

And yea, id much rather use lower ppm waters in a bubble machine with hoses etc. those parts will clog

Negative on air stones but people were making their own with them like dwc.I just figured it couldnt hurt but Im smarter to ask before than after.I believe it gets its oxygen from the splashing of the water.What about adding the cuttings to soak in myco tea while working on the other ones and then dip in clonex gel and mount in cloner?

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I leave my cuttings in straight h2o for weeks. So im sure a mycos tea wont hurt. And drenching the future soil/medium in it before planting wont hurt neither.

Im not sure on the airstones. Havent used one myself…. How do they bubble the water?

small fish tank air pump and any sized stone to match the head pressure.

I bought the same unit and followed the directions and used only ro water. No clonex no gel no additives and 36 cuttings gave me 32 rooted clones 14 days later. Only thing I did was rinse the cloner and refill with fresh water 2x. I’m letting them continue til this weekend at 21 days and I’m putting 32 new babies in solo cups. When getting my cuttings I just stuck them in a cup of ro water. First two days I spray mist the cuttings a couple times a day also have a fan blowing ge try in the nursery. And keep temps mid to upper 70s no humidifier humidity is around 50%. It’s really quite simple. Adding all those gels and supplements only complicates things.


I personally thought that they would be a lot smaller than some of the videos that I watched.It appears they are 6-8 inches tall.Why take them out?Can you leave them in there as long as they are feeding?

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Clone king update.Its been 2 weeks since I started these.Im amazed at the progress these have done.Thinking about turning the 2 by 4 tent to veg on top and clone underneath?Here are some pictures of my idea.I followed the entire post by Hellraiser on cloni

ng and appreciate all the knowledge shared here.I know some things I did are probably incorrect by im testing different ideas.Kinda like being a little too rough trying to LST breaking branches and utilizing the leftovers with no leaves.I dont expect it to prosper like the others.oIm having a hell of a time with the ph too.Staying around 6.5 hit 7.0 today and am using whiskey blocks of ice made from ro water.Just add to the resivoir to refill and lower temps and lower ph.Staying around 80 degrees in the resivoir.78 to 80 in the tent.Might have to add a 4 inch inline fan for the bottom.6 inch one on the top of the tent is working fine.


Those roots look great.


Nice roots, on your way to becoming a cloning master!


I was very surprised. Gotta get them in soil today. A couple are seeds that sprouted and I put them directly in the cloner and they amazed me. Totally effortless and the roots off the taproot is amazing.


Only because of your help Hellraiser. Thank you for your knowledge and patience with all of us!!!