ChilLed Tech Lights, Lambs Breath Autos & Jack's 321

Here we go again!

All are welcome to follow with comments and or suggestions. Thanks!

2 Lambs Breath autos.
5’ x 10’ x 8’ grow room with sink and running water. (2 Plants)
RDWC: two 20 gal. totes and a 18 gal trash can for a res. (22 gal full w/no roots.)
1.5" pvc feed lines.
3/4" black tubing return lines.
400 gal/hr. water pump.
1/4 hp. water chiller.
Three (2) outlet air pumps with 2" x 2" round air stones. (3 air stones per tote).
2 fans for circulation.
6" carbon filter and 6" exhaust fan.

Just a few updates from last grow:

New lights, 2 Growcraft x3 Mini lights by ChilLed Tech

I’m really liking the fact that I can mount the drivers near the exhaust and away from the plants.

Painted the lids black. haven’t really had problems with algae or anything, just wanted to paint them black.
3/4" Black tubing for returns instead of garden hose.

My layout.

Pitiful pano of the room.

Dropped 2 seeds in distilled water for about 18 hrs. on 6-8-21.
Then I placed them on moist paper towel for about 12-16 hrs.
Next day, both had tails. I then placed the seeds, tail down in rapid rooters.
Names are Sugar Baby
One broke ground on 6-11 (Sugar)
The other on 6-13 (Baby)

Just watered so they are looking pretty wet. They’ll dry out by this evening.

I’ll give them a couple of more days before I put them in netpot and totes.

Wish us luck! :v: :+1: :sunglasses:

Previous grows:


Awesome setup you have there.


Sweet. Hopefully the paint on the lids dont chip free and end up plugging up any lines or tubes. Is it the paint for rubber and plastic parts??

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Thanks @MidwestGuy ! :+1:t2:
Thanks @Mark0427
Paints only on the outside of the lid only, so hopefully won’t be an issue. :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


If u see it start to chip or peel. Get that flex seal in black and spray them. Stuff works great and wont chip either


Thanks brother. Good idea. It’s all gonna be covered with insulation and bubble wrap sooner or later.

You need a plumbing apprenticeship to set that system up. Must produce nicely though.

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Looking good! I’m set to ‘Watching’.

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Haha! :rofl::joy::rofl:
Brother, you may or may not be surprised just how easy it is. But thanks! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

Thanks @Myfriendis410! Yeah don’t run off too far…. lol


Always enjoy watching weed grow. I wouldn’t miss a grow anywhere.


Killer set up!

How do you like the ChilLED lights? I’ve been eyeballing the x4 diy kit for a 4x4 option.

Happy growing!


Thanks brother. I haven’t used them yet. This will be the first grow. I saw a post a while back from @Hellraiser about those lights and then talked with @dbrn32 and between what I learned and what has been said about the lights, I feel pretty good about the choice. It may take a grow or two to get them dialed in.

@STC_Cultivator, Thanks again!:+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


That’s what’s up, I’ll follow along fosho. That chilled looks nice!

Been wanting to try a bar light for more even coverage. Caught between the ChilLED x5 and the growers choice 720.

Best if luck!


Lambs breath! Jamaican strain, no? Following along!

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Watching too bro :sunglasses::v:t5:

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Today was a fun day. Any day I get to play in the grow room is a fun day! :clap:t2::grin:

So, I got my system up and running cause one of the girls is itching to get growing.
Put lights on separate timers so they won’t come on at the same time and got them set to 16/8.

I put sugar in a netpot and covered the rr with hydroton.

Baby is not ready. I’ve had my doubts on whether or not she’s gonna make it but am still hopeful.

Made up a batch of nutes today.

I have plenty of 5 gal buckets.
I mark 1 gal increments on the inside of the buckets so I know how much I’m mixing up.
I put 19 gal in my system. (22 gal total)

In a separate bucket with 1 gal. I add:
Armor Si @ 1/4 tsp/gal x 22 gal = 1.83 tbs.
I pour that into the system.

In 2 gal of water I mix:
Part A @ 3.69 gr/gal x 22 gal = 81.18 grams stir stir and stir some more till dissolved.
(I use a drill with a mixer attached to it.)

Then I add:
Epson Salt @ 1.2 gr/gal x 22 gal = 26.4 grams and stir till dissolved.

Then I add
Part B @ 2.44 gr/gal x 22 gal = 53.68 grams and stir till dissolved.

Then I pour that into the system.

Then I add:
Hydroguard to the system
@ 1/2 tsp/gal x 22 gal = 3.67 tbs.

I let that mix in the system for about an hour and then I checked and adjusted the PH.

After the stretch I go full strength with armor si. which is 1/2 tsp/gal.

There are others that do it a little different as far as what they add, or their formula during the transition. They go back to Jacks 321 after the stretch which works great for them.

This is working for me so I’m sticking with that.
I will run armor Si, Jack’s 321, and hydroguard from now until I harvest.

I change water about every 10 days maybe a little longer but try to keep it at every 10 days.




Me every week.


Guess it’s time for an update.
Light is at 24" and about 50% on sugar (3 weeks old tomorrow). I still have Baby in the dome. Her seed was deformed before I dropped it in water and thought she had died.

Sugar seems so small. broke ground 6-11-21 Three weeks tomorrow.

Baby will be three weeks Sat. but,

Wait for it…

Yeah, it’s been tough for her. So I dropped another seed because she didn’t look like she was gonna make it. She seems to have gained some ground this week.

The one on the left is Baby, 3 weeks old Sat.
The one on the right is 4 days old today. Can’t really tell it but she has 3 cotyledon leaves.

Should I keep Baby or the new seed??

:+1: :v: :sunglasses:


These the autos bro? If so just wait on em. Day 25-35 is when I see em explode. And I’ve been seeing two stages of explosive root growth as well. First around that timeline. A pause when they catch their breath and preflower then again for the full on. I feel it though when I don’t see em move I’m ready to drop another but they come in like a vengeance.


@peachfuzz these are autos.

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