2nd Grow. Lamb's Breath Autos

3 Lambs 1 week old. took these girls days to pop through my soil. ( my 1st grow the one whit widow girl sprouted up in hours not days). They are tiny but look nice green. Same set up as my first grow. Two “900” watt LED , 2’ x 4’ x 5’ tent, 6" carbon flter/ fan, 5 gal buckets with my homemade soil (mix, compost, peat, vermiculite) Only change i made from my first grow (which i was more than happy with) is that i put my fan and filter up top in the tent. it was just on the floor in the corner last time. really wish i would of got a 7’ tall tent as i feel i run low on headroom…

i was debating a scrog as i could keep the canopy a little lower and away from the lights a bit.

Anyone grow this strain? success? no pics yet.

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i have heard of this strain from the old days, am new here and don’t have much to offer other than … good luck on your grow.