Cheap light options

Bought a cheap light" just to see" friend had an extra plant" 600 watt running both veg-bloom" colon is an 1-1/2 round 3 weeks" lots of popcorn buds" Surprised I am" no special seeds" fun to watch" probably will add a few more thousand watts and just have fun in my retirement"

It has made my first year of retirement a blast. Totally new to it and now I am looking to expand. Take a look An auto, three photos and a clone


You could probably buy a good light and only need a few hundred watts or less to grow a plant or two. In the end total cost probably won’t be much different than buying a handful of cheap lights.

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I was skeptical of led I am an illegal state now" grew in California in the sun" saw it work" am Leary of buying seeds " getting to old to do time for weed" I been looking at lights got all the room I need" hardest decision is what will grow best" want to see some g-daddy purple" have you bought seeds no repurcussions?

14-15 months ago I literally searched can I buy cannabis seeds. Found ILGM, placed an order, paid via electronic check and they were in my mailbox 10 days later. I am also in an illegal state. Bought tent, lights etc etc via the internet. Gotta love the internet. Hopefully this cycle our law and order state senators and representatives will get voted out and common sense will prevail.


I lost track of what happened to the plant on your father’s deck. Did you get it squared away. I am having a good time with my current grow referenced in post #2. Stop by.

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