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Hi Guys, been wanting to get this thread started but the star alignment just hasn’t been right.

I should have known it was going to be a rough start when I went to pick out seeds from my two regular seed strains. I used OSG’s chart to select seeds that had a good chance of being females, though I dont know if I did, they all looked very similar. In any case I went to select one w my tweezers and…Boink! that sucker flew across the room and I heard it land but who the heck knows where LOL (incredibly enough I fricken found it later) you cant make this sh_ _ up.

Started dropping beans around Sept 14th but only Blue Dream & Jack H made it. Had a hard time getting my other strains going so its a bit of a mess in that respect.

I have/had a couple of wild cards in this grow, one was the BD since I only had 1 seed and did not know if it would germinate. The other two remaining wild cards is that Night Nurse (the Crime Fighting Nurse) and Ortega are both regular seeds so I dropped two of each but I had a hard time getting them going especially NN.

Only time will tell if they will be females, if they both are that will present its own set of issues.

Not really digging the uncertainty of regular seeds, really like my fems.

Objectives: My main one being that I am going for variety as opposed to quantity hence I am emulating some of Purps short veg techniques and as suggested by dbnr32 I’m using 3 gal pots instead of my regular 5 gals ones

Definitely like the smaller pots, much easier to move which was a bit of an issue in my last grows since some got to be big ass girls (which of course I like, dont get me wrong)

To me they are all very special strains but I will be catering specifically to GDP she’s my queenie (for now).

Blue Dream will get her butt hacked back if she gets out of line, not even sure I will like sativa doms but I am curious but her, she and Jack H are really taking off. More about how to tame them later.

I will be cloning all of em since I’m doing small runs of them and flower a second batch. If Night Nurse & Ortega bear me girls I will keep them going for a while & maybe even put the clones in 5 gal pots and fill up my pantry w them.

The last unexpected addition is I’m growing my first Auto…Norhtern Lights woo hooo!!! thanks to my fellow enablers (you know who you are) for talking me into it, it took a lot of persuasion LOL! been wanting to grow that one for a while now

At a future point, probably when the clones go to flower I have at least 4 more strains that I want to grow since I also do not intend to grow a Damn Thing next summer, so I gotta get my Ya Yas out on this grow cause by the end of june I’m shutting it down…till the fall ;o)

OK, enough of that long winded intro, lets get to the Candidates…

Blue Dream (possibly Humboldt?!) freebie by seedsman

Grand Daddy Purple by Grand Daddy Purple/Ken Estes 90/10 (Ken’s Numbers)
Flower 7-8-9 weeks

The Jack Herrer freebie by Seedsman
Flower time 9 Weeks + -

Kosher Kush - (Kosher x OG Kush) DNA Genetics 100% Pure Indica
Flowering Time: 9-10 weeks

Night Nurse - Reeferman’s (80/20) (The Crime Fighting Nurse or…Nurse Ratched) LOL
Genetics: BC Hashplant x Harmony x Fire OG Kush male
Flower time: 7-9 weeks (ILGM)

Ortega by Mr. Nice ( 100% Indica )
is a renewed version of an old Neville Schoenmakers indica strain. In this new version Shantibaba crossed an old Nothern Lights #1 with Northern Lights #5 ( = NL #6 LOL) and thence made a rigorous selection. Itis basically an Afghan hybrid .
Flowr Time: 6 - 8 weeks

Northern Lights Auto Woo Hoooo! freebie by Seedsman (90/10?!)

Here’s the crew as it stands right now, they got some really nice thick main stems. its the lighting :slightly_smiling_face:

Got some slight spots on my JH & Ortega (the uppr right one). Been doing micro feeds of Less than 1/8 tsp Recharge & Mega crop, and1/4- 1/2 tsp cal mag. Anyone know what might be causing this?

And guess who made it to the party just in time, my NLA, just hatched this morning, waiting on the second seed :crossed_fingers:


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Peace & thank you for stopping by


Nice selection! And the girls look great @Mote :grin: I’m def dialed in for this one! Good luck :wink:

Thanks for the tag!


Hey @Mote I flattered but I’m just one of the guys!

After being accused of harassment last spring for offering some help, that was a lot harder to write than it should have been. Not wanting to offend anyone, I had to write it three times. Humph…


Looking good @mote.

What brand of tent are you growing in. Mine only has a lower vent on the back which showers it wasn’t designed by growers. Two side doors and a vent on the back what a pia to get to, plus the back is against the wall.

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Thank you @Missiles, very happy to have you along for the ride. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry Dude, I can still edit that out, :grin: (and Done!) we’re still cool right :wink:

The tent is an Ipower Tent, it was fairly cheap, 5x5, big though. This one is good enough and I also have it set up in a funky way so only 1 way in due to the space restrictions.


I’m in a 39x39 essentially a meter x meter tent. I’d like to upgrade but not crazy about losing the 3 inches per side going to a 3x3. I don’t have room or lights for a 4x4.


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Looking good great start


Ahh thats too bad, I was going to mention that, which I go one exactly that size because when I first set up the 5x5 I was like whoa! this thing is large so I got it but wound up liking the extra space so I kept both and use the 4x4 to harvest cure etc.
Bottom line is if the 39 is good dont go smaller unless you have to, you can never have enough space, 3 plants like you’re doing in it is ideal if you let them go a little they should fill that out no prob, or keep em small.


Thanks Dude, I just hope I can continue that trend :wink:


Switch to watching, healthy looking plants, keep’um green my friend :+1::four_leaf_clover::herb::seedling:


Hey hey hey it’s watching for sure


You Bet Fellas, thanks for stopping by :+1: Lets see what happens this time around


I got greedy last year and had 5 autos in that tent. It was a lot of work and probably wasn’t the best idea I’ve ever had but I will say no light was wasted it all hit green. My goals this time are better soil life, improved lst and better harvest. I read something the other night that stuck a cord with me. We should be concerned primarily about root health the green will follow.


Yep, I hear you, its easy to fill em out, you could do it with those three right there that you got. But you could also veg for shorter time. I had the four big girls and they got out of hand, too big.

They root health thing I agree hence the Recharge, I like it so far, been very light w it 251 ppm last feeding.
Just gotta take it slow w the feeding till one figures out what they are doing. I’ve over fed, prematurely fed, Phd some in the past so I just want to see what they do, keeping a close eye on em. water tomorrow.

I think three plants in your tent is ideal, and adjust your expectations based on what you want ie: how big you want to let them be. I might try to mainline the BD just to see if it would keep her in line a bit, I dont want to scrog this time :v:
I have a lot of plants in my tent but I’m aiming at smaller plants, shorter veg and some might not be females so…Crap shoot!


I’m watching


Cool dude & glad to have you :slightly_smiling_face:

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