Blackthumb betty's 6 auto strain next (mis)adventure! 2/13/18

My last grow was so lush & beautiful, until it wasn’t. I’ve learned a few lessons, bought a much needed r/o system, and am ready to start again.

My new start begins with my old end: today, I’m chopping down my heartbreak & reseeding with several autos. I only have until mid-May to harvest, so I went with a few auto strains; this is my first try with autos.

I’m germinating 7 seeds: 2 white widowXbig bud, and 1 each: 6-shooter, Pineapple Express, LSD, Tangie Matic, and Gorilla Glue.

This will be a soil grow, using 600-900w LED lights, feeding with AN grow & bloom, plus voodoo, b52, big bud, nirvana, and overdrive; Earth juice microblast; NFTG Persephone’s Palate & Demeter’s Destiny. I’ll be flushing plants around week 3 or 4. I had planned on using solely Earth Juice, but changing my entire line of nutes is out of my budget, for this grow. Next grow, I’m going organic!

I put them in rapid rooters, inside a domed, heated germination station. I won’t use any lights for 24-48 hours.
Hopefully, in about 3-5 days, I’ll see my little girls, waking-up to the world.



I’m sorry but I just couldn’t stop… lmao …when I saw your on-line name. That just kill me…Any
I would like to Welcome you to ILGM
And we have the greatest people wright here as you are about to find out.

Any way you sound as if you got things under control

I to grow in soil. I mix my own soil Do you ?



Lol! My name is a reminder to myself that I need to work extra hard to make things grow & thrive…and that I can kill plants just by looking at them the wrong way.

I grow in organic soil, but the store bought stuff. I’ve tried a local greenhouse’s blend, as well as ffof. For this grow, I’m going with just the local blend.

My last grows were plagued by nute excesses & lockouts, most likely caused by my well water, hot soil, and too many nute salts built up w/o flushing. I grow beautiful plants, then about a week after switch, they start acting up. I’m trying to remedy all of that with this grow. Of course, since they’re autos, I won’t have the switch issue, but hopefully I also won’t have any other flowering issues.



Wow @blackthumbbetty
You got one of the big dogs to post right out of the gate lol
@garrigan62 actually has a good thread on autos from last year you might wantvto have a look at it a long read but twist up a fatty and settle in fir a good read lol
I would also like to welcome you to the forum
If i acn assist you in any way feel free to tag me
Set to watching


I used to be blizzybetty, but after accepting things, I changed my name to more closely reflect my growing prowess! Lol!

Thanks for the warm welcome! I’ll definitely check out that thread.

Hey, hey, also trying out my new r/o system. I still have my Amnesia Haze (photoperiod) and I salvaged one plant from my last grow, and today is feeding day. I’ll be using the “waste” water for other chores around the house, such as filling my washing machine. Waste not, want not!


You may not way to do that with tbe waste water it will be high in mineral content and can possibly cause. A build up in appliances? Just my two cents worth @blackthumbbetty


My appliances already operate under the hard water, so I figure what the hay. We have to descale our washing machine several times a year, and that’s even with it having its own filter. I will, however, only use half waste water & half tap water, to offset that. I just can’t imagine tossing out clean water, just b/c it’s very hard.

Now, if my washing machine explodes, by all means, you have the right to a big old: I told you so!

EC measurements:
Tap water: .375
R/O’d water: .018
Waste water: .460



Lmfao I would never say that @blackthumbbetty
I was just giving you a friendly heads up
Sounds like your well aware of the situation lol

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This might be a stupid question, but can I keep r/o water stored for a few days, if it’s kept sealed in a clean bucket w/o any additives? I’m sure I’ll have extra r/o’d water after feeding my 2 non-journaled plants, and I don’t want to just pour it down the drain.


No such thing as a stupid question except for the one that wasnt asked lol
I store mine in five gallon water barrels sealed so yeah with a lid you sure can i would keep them in a cool dark room if possible
But yeah it takes to long to make the water to pour it down a drain
I actually bought a 20 gal ro water storage tank to pair up with the filter set up
So i have 15 gallons in my jugs and another 14 gal or so in storage tank


The kitty litter bucket brigade will work? Yay!


Day 2: all 7 seeds have cracked open; rapid rooters drying out, so gave each 1tbsp of h2o. Light will go on at 7:15am Th 2/15.

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I’m tracking - really looking forward to seeing you get over the finish line with an awesome yield!

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Day 3: all of them have started popping through the tops of the rooters, all still have seed attached. TangieMatic & Pineapple Express are both about .5" out of their rooters, while the others are just barely peeking out.


Im all settled in and ready to watch this run lol
They should shed the seed husks but everyonce in a while ill need to get in there and knock them off gently but only has if they dont fall off them selves


I have a pair of special tweezers I use, if I need them. :grinning: I try not to fiddle with them, but I’ll assist in birth, if needed.

Good girl lol :laughing:
Cant wait to see pictures of the babies lol

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Here are a few photos of my Amnesia Haze. I’m not journaling that grow, or anything, but thought I’d share it, here. She’s scrogged and 2.5 week after flip. She was an after thought, and oddly enough, she’s thriving.

Here she is, 4 days later @ 3wks into bloom:


That looks awesome :clap:
Looks great keep me uddate on her i see a great harvest in your future
Your name doesn’t fit lol after seeing that picture
@blackthumbbetty nice job


Thanks! She’s a small thing. The screen is 6" from the top of the soil, and the plant’s canopy area is 2’x1’.

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