Bel's Green Babies (First Grow!)

Welcome to the journey of my first grow!

What strain, seed bank or bag seed:

ILGM Super Autoflower Mixpack, starting off with 2 Gorilla Glue, 2 Girl Scout Cookies Extreme, and 2 Bruce Banner

Method: Soil, etc:

Soil, starting out with Fox Farms Happy Frog, topped off with Fox Farms Light Warrior, and will eventually go into 7 gallon fabric pots with layering of Fox Farms Ocean Forest on bottom, then FFHF & FFLW on top, in a “bowl” formation


Solo cups, to start, then will repot

into the 7 gal fabric pots

Ph of water, solution, runoff:

N/A yet

PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution:

N/A yet


Indoor, will eventuality be in 4X8 tent after seedling stage

Light system:

Currently; SUNSHINE from my windowsill, & a 250 watt LED shoplight, 18/6, and I am building my own lights for the tent, which will be three HLG QB288 V2 RSPEC & SLATE 2 TRIPLE boards

Temps; Day, Night:

A steady 72° in the house

Humidity; Day, Night:

N/A yet

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size:

Will ultimately be AC Infinity Cloudline S4

AC, Humidifier, De-Humidifier:

N/A yet

Co2; Yes, No:


Seeds placed in water 3/1/21
Seeds in soil 3/5/21
Seeds (first 3) sprouted above soil 3/6/21
ALL (6) Seeds sprouted! 3/7/21

Today: First day of admiring them and getting the rest of my final space ready this week! MM patient and cultivator, interested in creating my own medibles.

Here we go!



Very nice… if you are interested in edibles check out my journal:Concentrates Blog

And Black Thumb Betty’s


Looking like a great start


Welcome!!! Looks like you are very nicely prepared. :+1: :+1: :+1:
You might need to upsize to a T6 or similar with that size tent as you will likely need a carbon filter to negate the delicious odours that yours girls will produce! :wink: :face_with_monocle: :partying_face:


I’m in!

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Just jarvested gorilla glue and i love it. Super dank smell awesome taste great high. Ill get u some pics of the finished buds.


Thank you, that’s great! Yes I’m VERY interested in edibles. They seem to work the best for me. :heart: I’ll be checking it out!!!

Looks awesome so far from what I’ve seen…

How do I 'set to watch" your thread?

Whoops! Yes, that’s what I meant. (The S6 instead of the S4)

@AAA suggested the S6 with the upgraded 67 controller. I’ll order those from Infinity asap! (and the ducting, and I guess the carbon filter, too… though I’m out in the quiet country and not many people come way out here. I’m growing legally, so I’m not as concerned about that part. But I do hear that it also helps people with breathing issues and allergies, too, so that might be a good idea to add on.)

Anyhow… Dang, those things are big & heavy. I ordered the wrong one and had it sent back… whew. I hope my tent polls hold all of that weight. Lol. Might have to get creative!


LOVE Gorilla Glue… it’s one of the first things I ever smoked, and ever actually knew the name of. (Lol.) That and Girl Scout Cookie. I don’t smoke much anymore, but try and go with edibles when possible, as I’ve had some health issues, I’m a singer, and it hurts my lungs sometimes.

But the lovely smells of all of the terpines… I look forward to exploring many new things! Sensory overload!

I think my next projects will be some Banana Kush and, maybe some Gold Leaf. And something with a significant amount of CBD in it, too.

Can’t wait!!! These first ones are seemingly growing pretty well, as tiny seedlings, that get a little less “tiny” every morning!


Yayyyyyyy! Glad to see you here!



Day Six!

Boy… these babies seem to be loving life, so far! They grow quite a little bit each day. I’m in disbelief… they actually seem to be thriving!

It’s incredible, this.

I found a very old book while cleaning up my mother’s old room yesterday… it’s called “How to Talk to Your Plants.” Quaint, (haha) but I took it as a sign. We definitely don’t read enough books anymore. Looking forward to checking it out, when I’m relaxing.

The space I am cleaning out really needs some love. She was something of a hoarder, my mom… (to put it politely) and it’s sad to see much of this stuff go… but go, it must. It’s going to be my new bedroom, (yayyy) and grow space (since my daughter has claimed my old room.). It’s going to take me at least a week to get it all cleaned out, and then properly prepared. But whew. I’m on a mission. It’s good rewarding work… and though there is much to do, I’m feeling a sense of accomplishment. It feels good to be moving and planning, and doing this for myself. (And maybe in the future, for others, too. Who knows.)

All seems well thus far. My next big project… building the lights. From scratch. :flushed: I’ve never done anything like this before… but I’ll be alright. I’ll watch plenty of videos, (already found some good ones) and ask for advice on my “building lights for my 4X8” thread when I need it.

Man… watering these wee seedlings is really a “go by feel” sort of thing, isn’t it? Most of the posts I look up about watering seedlings make the point that over-watering is pretty easy to do. Easier to mess up, than under-watering them, I suppose. And I mean, I’ve been giving them the very least amount of water possible… just a little “drink” every day. The soil seems really dry to me, but hey, they seem to be doing okay! Crazy. I water around the outer edges of the cup if they seem really dry (which seems like all of the time, to me), and then I’ll just dribble a little circle of water around the seedling itself, on the other days. I just hope they have enough water. I certainly don’t want to overdo it!

But they seem squat, and seem to be moving and spreading outward, a bit more than stretching upward, which seems good. (Except for the one little Gorilla Glue on the far left, who is determined to stretttttch. Lol. She’s at least a couple inches high, while the others are all at just about an inch or a bit more.) But they grow, visibly, every day.

So, Watering.


I’d say I’m probably giving them anywhere from 3-6 ml (around the seedling) to a bit shy of an ounce or so, (around the edges of the cup) per day… But wow, the soil seems dry. Oddly, they seem to like it that way.


Guess I’ll just keep going by look and feel, unless someone suggests otherwise.

Off to town today, to at least get some ph strips, until I can get all of my additional odds and ends ordered online. I think I have everything else I need… but I also realize that this is a never ending prospect.

Hope you all are having a splendid day, and are having some fun with your own projects.


I’m so excited! :seedling::seedling::seedling::seedling::seedling::seedling:



You definitely want to err on the side of dryness. I use a spray bottle and lightly mist soil surface daily.

Looking good, it’s exciting to see how excited you are!


Thank you! I’d heard about doing that, but wanted to make sure I got a bottle that wouldn’t touch the leaves.

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With your current light intensity, I wouldn’t worry about water on the leaves so much.

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@Caligurl !!!

Hey, thanks for the recommendation! Just got finished reading (in entirety) both of those blogs from the links you suggested above, :point_up::point_up: some really great and educational stuff in there!

I appreciate it!

Luvvvvvv making edibles. :heart:

Just noticed! Your last pic is a trifoliate AKA Whorled Phyllotaxy! That’s pretty rare. I’ve only had one in my lifetime. SCORE!


Does it have three cotyledons?

@AAA Actually, yes, she does!

I thought she looked a little bit different than the others!

This is one of the Bruce Banners… she was the

second one to sprout!

Here… getting in a little closer…

What meaneth this? Lol!

Cool looking, though… Woot! Crazy nature things!