Changing timing in flower due to Daylight savings?!?

I have a friend that wants to change his timing on his flower room, not changing his 12/12 but changing it to fix the loss of time due to Daylight savings.
He has a perpetual grow and doesn’t want to stop. Is it possible to slowly raise it by 1 hour (keeping with the 12/12) across a 1 or 2 week time period or is he stuck?

Anyone with a helpful thought. Never tried it myself so I don’t know of hand. TIA for the advice and happy cultivating :sunglasses:

I just changed mine, always just jump an hour


I just leave the timer where it is. I don’t have to worry about a work schedule so it makes no difference to me.


Just change the timer schedule and keep 12 hours of dark by turning light off early if needed, make a short day, plants won’t care as long they get a 12 hour night, no reason to do it over the course of weeks, make the change in one day, just give it at least 12 hours of dark before light comes on again.


10 4, I’ve just never worried about it before so I didn’t know what to tell him, thank you guys for the info.


Yep, just adjust it to the new time. Plants ain’t going to sweat 1 extra hour for 1 day.


Thanks man, glad there are very many helpful gardeners on this forum. He’s been informed and set to go. Thank you for your advices so quickly.

Oh no, the stupid time change, I forgot about that, my first time change as an indoor grower :joy:

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I leave it too ohh well its off at 9 am instead of 10 am


I use my lights for heat during this time of year, only reason I change my light timer is following the sun, down earlier, up earlier. Kinda like me this time of year too😉

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I move the timer back about 15 minutes a day leading up to today.

One extra hour of dark should not hurt. To make the change.
If it were me. I would be sure to short the light time when making the change.
At least from what I have read.

I leave my timer alone. Since I run 12/12 start to finish its no big deal. Instead of kicking on at 6:45pm it will at 5:45pm. When it Springs forward it will be back on at 6:45pm.

No sweat off my back. :hugs::hugs::hugs: