Canvas bags as planters?

This feels dumb to ask but somebody told me I can use canvas bags as planters. I have two plants that would benefit from bigger pots for a few more weeks before I put them in the ground outside.

This canvas bag trick would be free, cause I have a thousand canvas grocery sacks, so I want it to be a good idea. But would it be stable enough? Would it hold enough moisture?

I googled it and all the canvas planters were specially made for the purpose.


you may have to blaze that frontier yourself @Lia,that sounds like a great idea…
i have some older one that would do good for letting air in,but i’d be afraid they would be to weak when soaked in water.

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Hi @Lia ! As long as the bags allow the air to move through them and water to drain well, it sounds good. If the bags are covered with plastic (some of my wife’s are) or the weave is too tight it will not allow drainage and air exchange. Of course, if you are going to throw them anyway, might not hurt to punch a lot of little holes in it. Hope that helps. Jerry

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Hm. They use canvas bags like these on boats because canvas holds up so well when it’s wet, but lets water through. LLBean charges an arm and a leg for them because of that.

I’ve used them as coolers at parties, fill of ice and beers. It’s great because the ice stays ice and the water drains away, so you don’t have to put your hand in a freezing slush to get a drink.


Might be worth a try.


@Lia I really see no down side to trying just keep a eye on her and transplant if a issue starts


I say experiment and have fun learning either way!



@Lia Hi! Here’s an idea for you:
I took a regular 11 liter (almost 3 gallon) plastic pot and cut openings in the sides

Than I took my library tote bag (hemp fiber?),
slipped it over the pot and…voila!..homemade smart pot. Who needs Amazon? My little girl’s new home is waiting for her to grow up a bit. Total investment: maybe 4 euros.@Countryboyjvd1971


Ok nice job can’t wait to see how it will work out

And that’s how I spent my day yesterday. Well, not all of it really.


Could have been a worse way of spending some of your day
I’m ordering my green house today woohoo
Actually two of them
Two 10x9x8 foot green houses :grin:

Two of these


For what I think they’re for?

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Umm :neutral_face:
lol I’ll have a few in them but for Wifey mostly well her garden but I do the work so I figured if I put two or three in there she can’t complain lol
I went with the 8 foot high because of my plants not her carrots lol

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Perfect! Solves the problem I had with how floppy they were to deal with during the transplant.

Glad I could help. If anything worries me about this system is maybe that the stitches in the bag might tear. But maybe not if the bag is moist, stretches and shrinks against the pot. Live and learn.

Does NY have a long enough grow season for outdoor growing? Wondering…

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For sure bro we can usually get out early may at the latest and first frost for my area is usually somewhere around middle to end of October so 6 months
I bought the green houses to get a early start and extend season a little bit on back end :v::+1:

Yeah, your bag is on the thin side. I’m using boat tote type thick canvas, made to be strong wet. Of your bag is hemp, it’ll probably be fine. Rope is made of hemp, meant to be used at sea, right?

Not sure if its really hemp, just a guess. Lots of things are made of hemp, a friend is using big panels of it to insulate the inside walls of her house! And it does make a very strong rope.