Cannabis Watering Question

About how much and how often should we be watering our plants? We moved them outside 5 days ago and seem like they’re burning & drooping. They’re in 10 gallon fabric pots, happy frog soil, vegetative stage. It’s been sunny, 94 degrees with 50% humidity outside. We try to go according to the soil moisture meter but I feel like it’s inaccurate. What’s the average watering schedule. The pictures are 5 days ago. There’s a little more growth and burning now.

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They always been inside and then taken outside and left?
Is so this can sometimes be hard on them, most that start inside and then take outside, slowly introduce them a few hours each day then more to “hard them off”. Basically acclimate them to tue changes in environment…
I grow inside but I’ve seen other talk abput this alot, some one wilk chime in that knows more soon.
But i can help ya with watering plants in containers no matter inside or out.
The best way to know when to water is to gibe them a good watering and luft them or try to give them a lift to feel how heavy they are, then each day give them a little lift and you will feel when they are light. Its a big difference in weight, we can see the water in the pots but we can feel its weight :+1:
This will guarantee perfect watering habits :blush:

Oh, and those soil moisture metters are not to be trusted, they don’t really work very good at all.


Thank you. I have been hardening them off. I should have stated that. Should I water until leak


Yes. Then let the soil dry out before watering again.


One more question. Should we clip the burnt leaves




Some do and some don’t, it’s fine to leave them or get rid of them if the sight of it bothers you.

I would leave them in this case but if they was big happy plant’s i would remove.

Sry for explaining harden off like you was totally new :sweat_smile: that was just first thought and I ran with it :confused:
But say they was looking better inside and this started once outside but you did harden them off :+1:

What about your water source, do you balance the ph of it before given it to them or do you know the ph of the water source :thinking:

The heavy vs light weight is a good tell for when to water, and it is a good idea to get a little bit to leak but its not to important if you’re not using any synthetic nutrients yet but still just good practice, we call the bit that leaks out the bottom “runoff” if ya see people say runoff, that’s what they talking about.
If any synthetic nutrients is used along the way it becomes very important to get a decent bit of runoff so nutrients doesn’t build up in the soil…


You will have better results if the plants have more light. Far better.

Do these remain outdoors? Make sure that they have as much direct sunlight as you can give them. Cannabis is an extremely light hungry plant and requires 3 times as much light as most plants do. The only plants that require as much light are palm trees, olive trees, and some species of cacti.

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No apologies needed. It was an important detail I forgot to mention. The pH of the water is good. I’m not adding any new nutrients since I just switched to Happy Frog a little over a week ago. This has been a process. I started my plants in my own garden dirt with horrible drainage smh. Now that’s corrected so I’m in plant repair stage now lol

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They do remain outdoors now.

Just water when the soil is dry, moisture meters are a waste of time, some sides of the soil could be more wet than others. Just physically lift the pot up, if it’s light, water it, if not, don’t. Believe me, you will be able to tell, the difference in weight is massive. Give it a bunch of water at once until it runs off, about 1/6 of the size of the pot (3 gal pot gets 1/2 gal of water). Always water in the morning/right when the lights go on.

Remembering, overwatering is not giving the plant too much water at once, it’s watering too frequently, and the soil stays wet all the time. Many beginners think the soil needs to be wet all the time, but that is actually how you overwater. It needs periods where the soil dries out, gets wet again, dries out, etc. The process of the soil drying up is very good for the plant, and necessary, and it’s how you avoid overwatering.

That being said, your plant looks stretched out here, I don’t think the problem is watering, that thing needs more light. You want it to be bulky and full looking, not long and skinny. Otherwise your yield will not be good.


Thank you. We made a lot of mistakes when we had it indoors from soil, to drainage, to lighting, pH, nutes, it was all wrong. We finally have it in better soil and pot and brought it outdoors for the light. I’m just scared I’m burning it by not watering enough if that’s possible.

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Don’t sweat it, mistakes are how we learn.

The fear of the soil drying out is normal for beginners but don’t let it overtake you. From the looks of it, that is certainly not the issue. As you stated, you moved them from indoors to outdoors and now they have to adjust to a completely different environment. If I were to guess, the drooping is because of heat stress, 94 degrees is very hot for marijuana plants and I’m guessing it was used to an AC-controlled temperature of indoors before that.

As far as ph, nutes etc…that’s a whole different subject, but I’ll give you a hint, just follow the directions on the product you’re using as opposed to what someone on the internet tells you (except me, of course).

You probably won’t get too much out of this grow, but the main issue I see here is not enough light, so make that your goal on your next grow

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I appreciate the advice. Will these leaves ever get used to the heat and new sun. I know we won’t get much but I’m invested in seeing the outcome even with all the mistakes