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My plant was fine then I switched my light from a whosled 600 watt( actual watt was 124) to a spiderfarm sf1000 n it came 100watts out of the box. At the same time I did this I also watered my plants. So I changed the light back to the 600 watt. Is it from overwatering or the light? N how do I fix it if it’s from overwatering?

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The plant on the right looks droopy from not having enough water. The new light is fine, just hang it up about 24 inches above the tops of your plants and dim it down to its lowest setting.

I watered them yesterday n a few drops came out the bottom. I water every 3 days should I wait an extra day or go ahead n water them. N the blurple light in the pic was the old light I took down the spiderfarm. It’s more of white light with red diodes, should I switch back to the spider farm?

If you just watered it then it’s most likely over watered do nothing let it dry up it should be fine

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Watering cannabis is different than houseplants. In regular soil a flood/drought approach works best. In cloth pots slowly and fully saturate the soil. You want to slowly water until liquid runs from the bottom. Expect this and have a way to contain and dispose of it.

After fully watering lift your pots lift them. Get a feel for how heavy they are. That way, as they dry out, you’ll know when to water just by lifting them.

Over watering will cause drooping, so will underwatering. Many plants will also droop an hour or so before lights out. This is normal.


If they are over watered they will improve in a few hours or so. Likewise, if they are under watered They will droop more in the next few hours. They are not in any danger from waiting that long in either case. Then you’ll know what this situation means and what to do in the future.

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