Cannabis industry now has access to banks!

It’s pretty much a done deal now, right? I said a few years ago it’d be legal in all 50 states by 2020. That seems to be exactly what’s happening.


Great news! It means they are closer to figuring out how to line their pockets from the industry.


Truth! Smh

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Pretty much the world we live within. I’m learning a lot watching my state over the last 5 years. We went medicinally legal in 2015. Nothing really special there, but they were quick to eliminate firearm owners from being able to apply for medical card. Next year we will go recreational legal and our laws vary quite a bit from majority of other states. But they really snuck some backroom bs through with it.

Something you have to look really closely to see, is what they did with licensing. We had somewhere around 20 cultivation licenses owned by just a handful of companies. All of those licenses are grandfathered into 200,000 sq ft of canopy. All new licenses will be for 5,000 sq ft of canopy. From there, if you’re a minority or from an area “hit hard by cannabis prohibition” you will be given preference and financial assistance to become a craft cannabis cultivator.

The irony here is that politicians are playing it off like they did this great thing for minorities within the state. But there’s no way they will be able to compete with those larger companies. So that portion of the tax money will be wasted. I suspect once all of those smaller grows realize they can’t be competitive, a portion of them will be selling their product out the back door. I’m interested to see where the blame will fall there. In the meantime, I may be available as a consultant lol.


In a way, that might end up being a good thing for us home growers. 5000 sq ft is still way more than any of us will ever have, realistically. But a business trying to compete with someone with 40 times the space would be forced to find ways to be as efficient as possible in that smaller space. Or fail.

On a side note, this is the shit I’m afraid of:

“…they have developed a process for creating synthetic, stable acids that are found within the plant, and that the synthetic acids, which include acid versions of CBD and THC, are now available for licensing to companies for drug development…”

It won’t be long before they’ve completely eliminated the good parts.

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It is very gratifying to see the beginning of the end of disgraced sick dick nixon last putrid legacy.
So many lives, families, careers ruined by the insane “War on Drugs”. Although it did give lifetime careers to drug enforcement agencies. America has the worlds largest prison population. NOT a fact to be proud of…but rather adapt to the realities of marijuana and the world. The genie was out of the bottle when The Beatles recorded Sgt. Peppers and Magical Mystery Tour. Steppehenwolf’s “Don’t Step on the Grass, SAM”…explained it so well.
Hopefully a day will come…soon, where decent Americans won’t have to look over our shoulder, living in fear of “The Man” and the associated life crushing legal system.

Yup. It’s too bad even the 5,000 sq ft is out of touch for most of us cost wise. And home grows are still illegal here without medical card.

I don’t think that will be the case for much longer, not forever anyway. The legality of it is pretty neat, but doesn’t change a whole lot in the grand scheme of things, like you said. Someday, hopefully in the distant future, I can see us saying “I wish it was illegal still.”

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Agree 100%