Can you recommend a great grow light

What type of grow light and wattage is best for growing indoors 5x5x6 tent? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


I prefer the bar style, there’s a lot of good options. Look for Samsung LM301 series diodes.

600w minimum, preferably higher.


I use a 480w bar type lighting with driver outside of the tent to help keep it cool inside.

HYPHOTONFLUX HPF4000 480W LED Grow Lights 5x5ft, 1272pcs Samsung LM301B Diodes, MeanWell Driver, Full Spectrum Plant Growing Lamp, Dimmable Commercial Grow Light Bars for Indoor Plants Veg Bloom
I also have added additional red, far red and UVA.,the%20excess%20energy%20it%20has%20from%20more%20photosynthesis.

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Lots out there. Good advice here but do some good research. Customer support/top bin diodes/ in your max budget category. This is the most important buy so be happy with it and make it a 1 time too big light. Tent grows into light.More is better here. Have fun filtering through the overload…:grin: just my opinion. I did not do that…regretted it.

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The new viparspectra lights there a bar style light

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Maxisun PB4000 , Cali Grow Lights 250 pure watts , Geek Tech , Optic Slim 650S , Bava Green led , Photontek , Mygro Lights , Marshydro new light , spider farmer , HLG , chinese google alibada , its many panels out there now that works , but Apache Tech AT600’s is what i know is the cream of the crop from what ive experienced in lights .
Ac Infinity Grow lights , Cree II Cob leds still works or MH/ HPS still does the job also :grinning:

Depends on how much u wanna spend. The more u can spend on a light the better the end results will be as long as all other conditions fall good for u. Scorpion diablo by hlg would be superior in a 5x5 4x4 even better lol. I have a scordp and a 260xl in a 4x7x8 room and it works awesome