First topic, Light recommendations

hello everyone, wanting to ask whats best LED light for a 5x5 tent, wanting to start a small personal use grow at home,

I have Fem seeds of 41 G’s (Gelato 41 x Gary Payton)

will most likely use Athena nutrient, or House & garden ab nutrient line

top light on my list is the

8-Bar 880W Mammoth Lighting Mint White Series with Emerald Green Canna Spectrum

wondering if there would be a better light for maximum watts pr sq ft


Hello and welcome to the farm. This place is awesome for a lot of information you hit the end of the rainbow :sparkling_heart::rainbow:
I have a 2x4 tent the sp3000 mars hydro and infinity exhaust fan system. I’m thinking about getting a 5x5 tent and using my two sp3000s and make it a bracket that holds both of them with adjusts both of them. I know a lot of lights have removable ballasts now this light has been doing it since day one keeps the heat down on the tent so no matter what light you use I would think about that. But serious I’ve been thinking about a 5x5 for my Christmas present. I’m getting better with my grows and three plants in a 2x4 tent is tight with me now. With proper scrogg technique I know I can yield a lot more I just don’t have the room and a 2x4.
So on a 5x5 one light system I have no idea. The sp3000s that I have and then I can add veg lights and flowering lights like I seen one guy on here.Good luck you’re at the right place have a good memorial weekend also
This weekend I get to do a couple of leave trimmings she’s getting out of control free plants and a 2x4.


That light is a beast. I was only concerned with the diodes used when looking it up and it has the latest EVO diodes from samsung that HLG is now offering in their new models. Not sure about comparisons to other lights. Sounds like a great purchase if that is what you go with.


thanks for the reply! :pray:t3:

i’m just like you bro, few years ago I had a small tent going with 2 mars hydro (purple light) & a small infinity exhaust fan going, I pulled a couple decent amount of girls threw tent but eventually closed it all down due to Pandemic, now I’m slowly building a budget & picking it back up. I’m gathering as much information as i can on everything before i jump into it,

Good luck to you as well my brother!

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@themustardman710 Take a look at Szhlux , I’m running their 840w models in main room, and a 620w in my veg/ starting room. I upgraded from a couple Viper Spectra PAR 1200s and won’t look back, these are super bright, I only have one little gripe, they are so bright, I had to up my cal mag a good bit, but to be honest, I use a lot of rainwater and ours tests 0-2 ppm and my well water only runs 35-40 ppm. The 840 only costs around $350 so they are definitely economical.


hello brother.

overall that Szhlux 840 deal off of Amaz looks like a great deal! currently building a budget to buy lights & everything piece by piece,

Looking to grow quality> quantity
budget for lights is 1.5k-3k willing

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@themustardman710 current grow under the 840s. Very happy with them so far.

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looks fireeee bro! in your grow how many plants did you use per light? & whats your opinion on Athen.a ag nutrient wise for soil

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@themustardman710 There are six plants under that 840w and I only have it at 75%. I’m running red wide open and white at only 50%. I can’t say on the Athena bites as I never used them. This grow is Lotus nutes and cal mag, great results with Jacks on past grows. I ran FF trio on first grow years ago, you learn quick which ones are salty and which ones are fire, as well as that most nute companies just want your money. Plants can’t tell who or where nutes come from, they just want them in the right ratios and proportion. I started in soil, but have went to Promix and perlite and don’t see me changing anytime soon. I like to be in complete control of what and how much they get .

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I use a version of manifolding to spread my growth out more than up. I use cut down tomato cages and spread the branches evenly around the cage and secure them loosely with soft plant wire. When it’s harvest time, just pop the wires off and but main stem, whole plant will lift right out of cage for trimming and drying! All branches and colas are pretty much the same height and it makes a nice looking plant , as well as increasing yield by at least double over just letting them grow normally. It only adds a couple weeks for the training, the results are more than worth it.

HLG BlackBird or 650r HLG.

I run

HLG Black Bird
HLG 600r

And a HLG 300BSpec for vegging.

I guess you could say im an HLG fan. Ive had 17 plants flowering at one time under them.

Heres whats under the blackbird now