5x5x2m tent lighting solution

Hey, I’ve just ordered a 1.5 x 1.5 x 2m tent. I’m using hps in our home built grow room which works great with very high yields…

But I’m starting this tent to play around with different things and don’t want to run the power bill up another 300 a month for 2 x 600w hps.

So I heard LED is cheaper on the power ? I only want to run 1 light in this tent. Initial cost isnt a problem.

What would be best ?

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Lights are probably the hardest thing to shop for LEDs are the way to go. Budget will probably dictate the best light for you. Top guys are green sunshine co, and photontek X 600w PRO, are my dreams. Probably best bang for your buck is diy, or a kit hlg has a kit I think it’s a q288 600w is top kit out (again my opinion) . Then you move down to good quality, warranty, and price mid money lights (I own bc I’m frugal but not by choice lol) top mid picks would be Mars Hydro and spider farmer (I run) and left the one I run for last on list on purpose (no bias) I hope I got you aimed in a good direction
Good luck.

For a 5x5 you want a light with ppf of 1700 umols per second or more. There are a lot of options at various price points. Chilled tech has new light they should be releasing soon that will be the most efficient. But their x6 1000 would also meet requirements. Hlg 650r, hlg scorpion Diablo, fluence spydr 2i, growers choice roi 680 and 720 are also examples that would meet 5x5 requirements. There are also others, but would be nearly impossible for me to name all of them.

All of these lights are using similar leds and drivers. The difference in price usually just from differences in design cost, features, and amount of leds used. I would take a look and see what you get for price on each of them.