Can you diagnose?

I have new growth on top of flowering

Ummm I just addressed this somewhere lol. Smart making a new post tho.

So its kinda blurry when I zoom in. Are u seeing what looks like tony bananas poking out? Or just new pistil formation?

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Mainly new pistol formation. To my untrained eye, there does not appear to be a seed pod… As of yet

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Looks like some fox tailing. This can happen from light too low and intensity or genetics. Yours appear to be lighting?? @PurpNGold74 will confirm or not :love_you_gesture:

Edit: not a bad thing though


I think foxtails as well, looks like you may be heavy on nitrogen still which I believe can increase those chances as well.

Shooting from the hip over here.

Beautiful plant


Thank you. That makes a little sense, I did add a little of vegetation nutrients to the last mix.

I do use two lights for my grow, a purple spectrum light during veg and adjustable brightness white light during flower. I tried something different this time around and placed the purple spectrum light on the floor facing up towards the bottom of the plant and maybe that appears to be my mistake as well

You may be correct on lighting. I did try a new process this time around by adding my purple spectrum light on the floor facing towards the bottom of the plant to help promote bottom growth.


I’ve heard it said that moving the plants to much in flower, or changing lighting can freak them out. That doesn’t make sense to personally since the environment changes daily outside.

But adding veg doses with (I don’t know your lighting) potentially too much light can certainly cause foxtailing.

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Yup just some foxtailing going on. Nothing to be alarmed of.

Happens for reasons stated above. Lighting too intense, veg nutrients too strong in flower, also high temps to an extent