Can this be a photoperiod?

I have 2 Trainwreck plants that started the same day, roughly 40 ish days at 18/6. They came from pacific seed co and have grown nicely but look differently. One looks like its flowering while the other doesnt have a single pistil yet. Is it possible i was given a mixed pack of seeds. Photo/auto? Or is this still just preflowering? I wanted to continue vegging these plants for a bit while but this one just seems to have stopped growing and is concentrating on flowering


The gene that autoflowers have can in rare instances be present in photo period seeds.
There are some triggers that will start flowering in plants besides lighting hours.
No matter the cause its flowering so make the best of it.
Even male plants will on rare occasion show up in feminized seeds.


So should i start giving that one plant flowering ferts? Also in 3 of my plants the leaf tips are either curling down and or they make like a 45° bend down. Its mostly new growth but one has a couple fan leaves doing it. I raised the lights up thinking that may have been it. Still getting like 30k lux at 18-24" at 70%

The plant in the pictures looks to be just starting to transition to flower. Theres little groups of pistols just starting to build together it looks to me.

But weather they mix up seeds or not, sometimes autos just dont auto.
I had a Zkittles last year that grew for 4 months and didn’t flower till i set to 12/12.
Once on 12/12 she flipped quickly and got huge!

But they got some serious clawing going on, the slow development could be related to whatever is causing “the claw”

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Nitrogen toxicity. Lower the ppms of nitrogen :+1:

Should i give it a flush or just let it ride

Let it ride it isn’t that bad. Just water a few cycles

Is it possible that its from the lights? I tend to bigger is better everything so i dropped them pretty low for a while, then when i added another couple lights it got worse. I have 5 100w boards with uv and ir in a 4x4. Should i raise them up above the 18-24 manufacturers recommendation?

Lights are fine at that height. What nutes are you using? What ppms? What’s the schedule?

Calmag ¾ dose. Silica ¾ dose and have fed her with fox farms grow big at like ¾ dose once with a light dose a week earlier. The other trainwreck seems alot lighter green and may possibly have some burnt tips coming in. Need to get back in and strech back with my camera to get a good view

I recommend just water until things straighten out which should be quick. Might just be a sensitive plant like my pacific seed bank auto was. Look

At one point this plant was shriveled up badly from nitrogen toxicity. Even after that this was how it looked through all veg and early flowering I was about to toss it. Once full flowering hit it snapped out of it and now has the biggest buds in the tent