My first plant. Learning process

I think my plant is getting ready or has started to show some signs of flowering. It is about 5 weeks old. It is kinda small but it is my first plant and a found seed. This is my first setup and tiny. I have a bigger tent with some ILGM seeds growing. But this one has managed to continue. It was more of a practice plant.

I am noticing a little yellow on the leaves of the new leafs. I think that is nutrient burn. I am also thinking I have overwatered the plant a little? What do you all think.

I have some sledgehammer and I could flush the plant . Or should I just let it dry out more and then water?

Where do you think my plant is at stage wise?

Since it was a found seed. This is Mystery Maddie.


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She is in the fox farm ocean soil.

She is looking good Looks like she is getting ready to start flowering. Those yellow tips are normal I grow in FF soil.


Do you have it on a 12/12 light schedule?

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If this is a photoperiod (I’m guessing it is since you found it) it wont flower until you change the light schedule to 12/12… Thats what youre asking right? If its ready to flower?


Darn it you beat me to it :laughing: every time. I’m typing as you post. Great minds think alike.

Picture #3 almost looks like nanners (male reproductive organs) hard to tell…


Now would be a good time to start some lst so them lower branches can catch up and have a even canopy before you flip to flower.

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If it truly is a practice plant I would take it a step or two further than @Loudman 's recommendation. Indoor plants are usually, topped, fimmed or at least low stress trained. If that is the only plant in this tent it may be a good candidate to learn how to top. I would also lollipop the weaklings at the first node possibly even the second. Then spread out the branches below where it was topped.
It looks like you are debating about light height. The lower nodes are spaced far apart while the top ones a closer yet the light currently looks higher than it should be.
What light is it and what height is it set at?


The seed I found in a bag of bud from a buddy. It totally could be a male, but I am not sure at all. For lighting I have only been running 18/6 so far. If it is photo then I will have to force it to flower, however if it looks in the pictures like it might have started . It could be an auto, but I wouldn’t think a batch of bud from an auto could ever created a seed.

The light is 24 inches away and I have ordered a trellis that will be coming tomorrow. The tie up one I had was frustrating because of the awkward size of the tent. So I ordered: Scrog-Pro™ Trellis System for 27x27 Grow Tents - Scrog-Pro™ Official Website

My light in that tent is the Spider Farmer SF 1000. SF1000 High Yield Lights | LED Grow Lights | Spider Farmer

Nothing amazing, but figure it would work for one plant.

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It won’t be an auto if it’s bagged seed and I see no signs of flowering.

If this is a practice plant you can do whatever you want and there will be many options as well as opinions.
Those little side branches right now won’t really produce anything, your node stretched quite a bit.
Personally I would either flip it and just get one main cola or I would top it now, lower your light keep it on 18/6 let it build two main branches, flip it and then cut those first couple branches off the stem as they won’t amount to much at all because the stems are to thin to transfer enough nutrients.


nice net The link will come down when /if a moderator sees it. only authorized (primarily amazon) direct links can be posted. Like @Nicky said single cola with some lower branch removal or top and also remove some lower branches. I like to top & and chop but that is just me. Using a net will allow you to simply bend the main stem over. You may need to tie it to the net.
With those leaves she thinks she is a palm tree.
Keep an eye out for balls. Hopefully none and you can see her through.


Believe it or not I found 3 autoflower seeds in a bag… One was even male. I gave them to an experienced friend and they flowered in 6 weeks under 20/4 lights… It is possible… Highly improbable… More people are growing entire fields of autos outdoors though making it more likely…

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Yeah it’s not impossible just very highly improbable.

It would have to be some outdoor grower growing auots and then someone else’s male pollentsted them from their regular photo seeds. Even when this is done it don’t mean it’s going to be an auto for sure because of the mixed genetics.

Majority of dealers are not growing autos just due to economics of running clones.


Well there are regular autoflower seeds (not feminized).
Autos are just bred with ruderalis, they dont have to be feminized, thats a whole other step… You dont necessarily need a photoperiod male…

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Correct, but I never said it was a requirement.

Seeds have to from somehow.

Autos won’t really stress themselves to form seeds without human interference like spraying them with STS or something. It’s possible but very very very rare like very rare, to my knowledge at least.

So if a bunch of autos are planted all over the place and no ones trying to breed them they won’t seed. That is where male polen in the air or herm pollen in the air will come, to form seeds.
This doesn’t mean the plant is producing feminized seeds they are regular seeds (with or without herm trait) but they won’t automatically become autos either. The auto gene has to be stablized in the new cross.

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I agree, I just meant that the male pollen doesnt have to come from a photoperiod, in fact that first generation of offspring likely wont have any autoflowers. If they are growing regular auto seeds, half will be male and half will be female. Now since theyre autos, catching those males before they pollinate is going to be a lot tougher. So Bing bang boom, in that scenario, you end up with tons of actual autoflower seeds, because both parents were autos. Nobody had to interfere… Now I dont think too many people would take that risk with regular autos unless they were TRYING to breed them…

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Thanks for this!! Something just clicked for me! I’ve read about getting rid of the small branches but always thought it was a matter of too many branches, or they don’t get enough light. I never thought of stem size as being a limiting factor for nutrient delivery until now. Thanks @Nicky

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Yeah exactly. I don’t know many who sell regular autos. I’ve seen them but never would I buy them. If I want pure genetics its a photo regular, otherwise auto Fems but that’s just me.

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