Can’t get to stretch to screen

these are going on week 4 and I just cannot get them to stretch. I’m going to put a scrog net but they are growing to short and stalky. You can see the stalks. I put the light as far up as it would go and have it turned down to 40% and they still won’t stretch. What should I do ? Will they stretch when switched to flower? Also when should I switch to flower? As always much appreciated. These are deep water culture mars hydro 800 watt light ,5.8 ph.


The 40% intensity may not be enough to get them stretching in conjunction with the height. Are you using DLI and PPFD to set the height and intensity? :love_you_gesture:

@matty777 please don’t make duplicate posts!

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Didn’t mean to bud.

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No can you tell me what these are and how to check ? Thanks !

That is still a buttload of light.
150w at about 32" is what makes mine stretch.

This is the ppfd of my light

The problem is I don’t know if I can get the light that high. I have it pulled up as far as it will go.

Should I turn it down to 25%?

Put it as high as you can and turn it right down, adjust accordingly

What size is the tent ?

They are thick. Photo or auto? Cleaning out the interior a bit tends to make them move upwards. I would thin inside and spread the limbs. If auto they will stretch when ready to flower. I have a crack i needed to manipulate to get it to go up.

5x5 tent and they are not autos . Two gg4 female and two runts female

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Same issue here. This helps. Think I’ll try raising my light too. I have a flowering auto going on at the same time. It’s going to be a challenge.

Good gg is my girl. Find your main branches. Decide which you want to keep. Remove extra fans. Remove limbs that will be worthless. Being photo she will explode. As she gets thick do it again. When reach height you want then flip. She will stretch hard then and be pretty big.


Do a selective defoliation of large leaves which will help along with raising lights and lowering power.


Just to help you a bit. That gg wi get BIG if you wait her out in veg. Prune well. Last big gg in a 20gal. Gave 2lbs. Filled a 3x3 wall to wall.

Here’s the text book definition. There’s a smart phone app called PHOTONE. Do a little research on these with the app installed :love_you_gesture:

PPFD is the amount of light photons that hit a surface (your plant canopy) in one second. It’s measured in units called micromoles (μmols). Simply speaking – it’s the strength of the light that reaches your plants.

The light loses strength as it travels from source to endpoint (from grow light to plant). You’ll notice on most grow light intensity charts, the PPFD numbers decrease with increased distance from the light.

Daily light integral (DLI) refers to a value that describes the photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) over a space every day. In simpler terms, the daily light integral is a description of how much light your cannabis plant has access to each day.

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I was having. Trouble deciding which fan leaves to remove. Are the lower ones ok to remove? This in turn would open up the stalk a little bit. Thanks @Myfriendis410 and everyone else for your input!


Usually at that age you’ll have a number of really big leaves: I try to remove some or most of those which really opens the plant up.

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