Can’t figure this out

Mini gun auto strain
17 days old
Ffof soil
65% humidity
77f temp
Mars hydro 2000 in a 3x3 tent
Ph water 6.5

I have grown a number of autos and never have a problem at least for the first month, have not given any nutes yet, light is 23” above canopy, leaves are getting crispy and orange. Is it just hungry? I usually never feed until about week 4 and it’s always worked well. Light to bright? I’m at a loss. Thanks guys.

Could be a calcium deficiency. Have you giving it any Cal-Mag

The only thing different I have done in about 7 grows is I have mixed some extra perlite with the fox farm ocean forest this time to help it from compacting so much. It’s in a 5 gallon smart pot. I have given it nothing yet. Usually wait until week 4 and feed it nectar for the gods line

Kind of looks like the leaf is dying off because it touched the soil.

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Those are different leaves and it’s starting on the new growth too.

get a runoff ppm and ph. double check your meters to make sure they’re calibrated. that’s where i’d start. could you have possibly spilled some water on the leaves while watering? happy growing

Ph fluctuations? Btw…congrats and your new level @Covertgrower :+1:


Thanks @NugFlush I’ll enjoy growing along side you just as always.

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Ph meter is calibrated and good! I’m thinking I might just have added to much perlite to soil ratio and it just needs nutes sooner that normal?

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